Shinichi "Nabeshin" Wantanabe: The anime that are often said to be “good anime” is oftentimes serious and moving...

>Shinichi "Nabeshin" Wantanabe: The anime that are often said to be “good anime” is oftentimes serious and moving and they make you cry, those are the anime that people tend to say are “good”.
>if tears mean you're moved emotionally, I think laughter means the same thing.
>They're equal, I value laughter as much as tears.
Is he right, Yas Forums?

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Happiness can be a strong emotion. Remember the German Forklift Safety Video? You do because it was funny and thus emotionally touching and your brain stored it.

Hell yeah he is.
Now when is he coming back?

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After Tenchi Muyo GXP?
Never, sadly.

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Neither are by themselves enough to make something great. Both can be shallow. Crying can be manipulated by sad music and crying characters, and laughter can be manipulated by having funny things happening. Both experiences are ultimately shallow and not enough to make a work good.

>Crying can be manipulated by sad music and crying characters.
That's more commonly praised than pure comedy, tho.

People laugh at fiction far more readily than they cry though. So not really.
I do agree in principle that creating joy is no less "worthy" than creating sadness though.

>People laugh at fiction far more readily than they cry though.
Then why does "sad" animated movies and anime get more praise? while comedy is look down upon as cheap and easy to make?

>be comedy anime
>the purpose of your existance is to make user laugh
>user laughs all the way through, you're very happy
>user finally manages to breath again, wiping off a tear from his eye with agrin on his face
>"well, that was shit", he says
>you die inside and outside, because nip (and user's) shit taste won't let you have a second season
Meta-bullying is NOT okay.

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That's because humor is more subjective than grief. Everyone has their own (culturally influenced) idea of what they find funny, but we can by and large agree on when a situation is miserable.
So people who think that good art should be universal (in the sense of transcending culture) will look down on comedy and elevate tragedy.

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Japanese humour isn't at the same level as their storytelling.

He's right.

Because of exactly that: it takes a larger emotional impact to make you cry than to laugh. Also I'd say sadness is considered more serious and "worthy" in general.

Drama is for fags, Comedy is for chads.
That's the truth, end of story.

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The world at its core is a bleak and sorrowful place. Sad pieces of art attune us to the essence of things, while funny ones offer only a momentary distraction.

Incorrect, he directed Nerima Daikon Bros. and The Wallflower after GXP.

Sorry for assuming you actually wanted a discussion rather than just to shitpost.

underrated director. nerima daikon brothers and excel saga are great. seems most people only know about him because they accidentally press enter to early while googling for shinichiro watanabe.

I know you idiot, he also made an apareance in To be a hero after that, you mister know it all.
Who hurt you?

Dotto Koni Chan was great too, But that show is only popular in Latin America.

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>Who hurt you?
You did.

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I value laughter more than tears. most of the times tears don't really go beyond a pavlovian reflex to sad music. charm and fun are much harder to achieve

He's right.
Why do you think the two major categories of theater are drama and comedy?

Lupin vs Nabeshin, who wins?

Nabeshin of course.

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