Remember when male protagonists were actually cool?

Remember when male protagonists were actually cool?

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Pic unrelated or you have a very strange definition of cool

Generic first response. Bet you'd post shitward shitric as your example of "cool", because that's apparently an MC you can't criticize on here after Yas Forums got invaded by MALfaggots.

some still are

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Ledouche was cringey

Anime is better than ever

Nah, he was a straight up g

Lelouch was cool though. Easily one of my favorite male protags in anime, if not THE favorite. But I'm not sure cool male protags have ever been the norm like OP implies.

lmao if "Covid-19: the show" counts in your head
there is next to nothing now

Code kino


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You mean last year?

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I wouldn't call Lelouch cool, but rather bishie :3

Lelouch was chuuni.

>Remember when male protagonists were actually cool?

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more like code gayass

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You mean chuuni shit?

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>Vinland saga
>wan piss
These ones are trash,the rest are some of the best animes and manga.

Pic related is a cool protagonist. Lelouch is a faggot.

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Dont fucking shit talk kaiki

isn't lelouch the one with a questionable fashion sense?

Give me old Lelouch anytime

What a stupid image

based, you triggered a bunch of faggots

This is some well crafted bait.

he is literally an asshole that only cares about money and likes to swindles childern.
trying so hard to proof that he has special needs.
sells his ass to feed the troop, and sacrifice them later for his own merits.

none of these 3 is bros, more like an asshole