Praise Rin

Praise Rin.

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>short hair
you may aswell lust after a dude

god that's hot

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So they're keeping the short hair in the anime? Shit sucks


Short hair Rin a cute!

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Made for the D

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Sure, why not?

>Rin slowly evolving into her mom

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>without glasses
Never thought I would see a post with such plebian overtones in my life

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The cooking thread got deleted so I will post my soupasta here in memory of better times.

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rin has cute pits

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Disgusting. The minimum short cut allowed are bob cuts.

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>That pic
Reminder that Mahoron is considering the possibility to marry Emi.

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Pretty much.


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will do

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Subs when?

Poor Vino-kun... Rin is a slut!!

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Id suck his dick

How did they do it ?
How did they turn a 10/10 girl into 4/10 girl in less than 5 seconds ??


Because you only cared about her appearance.

But Emi sucks, Nene is way cuter.

Is Rin a dyke now?

Major improvement

God, Rin is RUINED. Only Tomboys look good in short hair.

Live Action Rin for me.

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The only thing that define that a woman is a woman is her chromosome and her VOGINO.
Short hairs have nothing to do with it faggot.

what did you do to my Shimarin

>Season 2
>Jan 2021
You all ready?

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