What makes girls swoon over her?

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YuriCHADs we are going to win this

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Is this otome thread?
Why is all gookshit suddenly going to shit recently? First hero wife now duchess monster

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That's probably for the best. Keith's definitely no good now.

Oh. She's already visiting Maria's house?

Because she reminds them of Iori of course.

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Spinelessrina remains the cutest.

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Mary and Maria were literally hardcoded to fall for the person who activated the events that would've been done by Geordo and Alan. Sophia was probably always a bit of a lesbian and she called her pretty.

Why does Bakarina with glasses look so erotic?

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I would kiss Katarina sweetly under the moonlight if she were as nice and unknowingly romantic towards me
shes so cute and dumb


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Sup Mary

Holy shit it's moving so fast, are we just going to steam straight into volume 3 or something?

It looks sexy on girls who don't normally wear them.
Girls who wear them all the time are gross nerds.

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I think we will get past Sora event and it might end just before the start of Fortune Lover II.

Why are you lads surprised? They've been doing two chapters per episode besides the birthday one which they squeezed in the third episode.

100% this is going to end with them doing the play where Bakarina acts like a villain.

Mary and Sophia are just confusing emotional dependence on their mutual first friend with romance.

I don't even think I got that far. The friendship end chapter was the perfect ending and it shouldn't have continued.

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I somewhat agree but the start of vol. 3's festival is really good.




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So what's the most popular pairing in Japan?

Didn't baka basically groom all her friends

Baka did not groom Maria until the academy.

I can't help but feel like in a world were Katarina really was a man, and Giuliano was genderbent to match, he would've ended up being as much of bitchy jealous fiancee as game Katarina with how much the male baka would've fawned over Maria

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Not surprising since her friendship with Maria came out of nowhere with zero build up to them meeting


It would've gone /y/.

Bakarina has known Maria for years though. It may have been love at first sight for Maria though.


She only groomed Keith, and even then all she did was turn him into a perfect gentleman who would treat his future lover with gentleness and care. She never considered that he'd end up falling for her.

The rest just kinda changed on their own in response to her. Glendale, Alan and Nicol simply progressed on their natural character development had Maria pursued one of their routes. It simply happened seven years early and all at the same time. The girls, however, simply changed as a direct consequence of the difference in situations.
Mary realized extremely early on that she was surrounded by rivals and that she was at a disadvantage compared to the other three. She had no choice but to become more aggressive and clever in order to not lose. She had to become stubborn and driven. In the original game, Mary had no rivals until Maria came into the picture, and by that point it was too late. But here, Mary became fully aware of her greatest enemies since she was 7.
Sophia's case is just a matter of having a friend who shared her hobbies and interests. Romance novels aren't considered to be the pasttime of a noble in this world, so in the original game, she would have had to hide these interests and parttake of them in solitude. But here, she has a friend and ally in Bakarina. Just having a friend who shares your interests can make a huge difference. It's basically the same thing as what Acchan went through.
Maria is basically the heroine. This is literally just what she'd be like if she fell in love with someone. This is the natural course of her development as an otoge protagonist. The perfect heroine who will devote everything to you.