I just finished fma brotherhood with a very satisfying and soulful feeling. Just wanted to hear some Yas Forums thoughts on this great anime.

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It's what got me into anime!
Now I hate all anime!

ruined by dub Ed voiced by a shitty pedo

All western anime indexing sites have it listed as the best anime so I have for dislike it to fit in. I also get bonus points for calling the fanfic version superior even thought in all other cases the source is sacred and any divination form it automatically makes the anime utter garbage.

I watched it with my father. It was an enjoyable experience with nothing that would offend him. It was a nice finished single arc story. No fanservice, well written female and male characters. An epic finale and final battle. Might have one of the best finales in an anime.

One of the best anime. Even people who don't watch anime would enjoy it. Probably in everyones top 5.

It's good imo, I don't know why some people are set to convince everyone it's garbage.
There was the underboob scene but it doubled as a comedy relief so it's acceptable. I guess the lack of over-the-top fanservice is one of the things that makes fma so accessible.

It's one of the best "not that Japanese shit" tier show, that you can show to anyone without doubt.
Not that much chibi shit and stupid faces (still there, thought), decent plot without too much of a bullshittery. Also, nice characters. That was one of few shows that I could convince my wife to watch till the end with me

fuck no

thread full of dubfags, I can already tell

user, tell be some animus that you consider better and then try imagining how someone would react to them\you.
>"and here is my friend user, he is a bit shy but i was thinking of introducing him to you"
>"oh, user, you watch anime? What's your favorite?"
>"'s.. it's.. ichi no pedo moe forever..."
>"What? We can't hear you. And what it is about?"

Implying I give a shit
you fmafaggots are so scared of anime, you watch westernized garbage and pretend to be above anyone else.

>muh reactions of normalfaggots OH NO!

wow, you are the edgy one. "I don't care about other people opinion, I am almost 20 and know better"
But if you reread that other user post, you will see that he is making point in "Even people who don't watch anime would enjoy it." and you somehow read this with your ass instead of eyes

It’s overrated but still quite good, not some masterpiece like many say it is

My favorite part of the series was King Bradley getting a happy ending

Then go to zerochan, thinking began in 2015 and ended last year. And so we try again. How upsetting. How *lazy*. This is why. Find your happy place they said, then what?

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only good anime from female mangaka

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Keep pushing on your grave imbecile. Well, pushing was the original translation. Like how there was no "king", and only "Pride".

You're impossible to talk to.

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Smells like ammonia.
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It's pretty boring honestly. The only characters I gave a shit about were mustang and chinese loli


>That's the correct answer, Alchemist
Ed's final conversation with the Truth is one of the best character and tonal climaxes in a manga. It ties together the arc of the story in a satisfying and very sensible way that is surprising all the more for how much the choice becomes obvious after the fact. And it's all the better for how rare proper conclusions in manga are.

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I can't believe it took me this long to realize just how much better an ignorant elitist is than an ironic weeb.

I thought D. Gray-man had potential to be a top shounen series but it has been a very very long time since I watched it so idk if it holds up/if it went bad

D gray man is never gonna get an actual ending from the manga so that alone tells me to never to suggest it to anyone unless they just want some good art.

>Even people who don't watch anime would enjoy it
yeah so it's literally for normalfaggots
I watch anime and I don't enjoy it, dubshit ruined it for me.

>caring what people think

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Gay rat wedding.

It a story with potential ruin by been generic shonen.

>All western anime indexing sites have it listed as the best anime
It's really weird considering it wasn't even AOTS

>This is your brain on shonenshit

It ruined the concept of Alchemy for all other anime/manga, kind of like One Piece and pirates.