What would you do with it?

What would you do with it?

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Write "OP" and think of some fat fuck

Take the shinigami eyes and then go around saving peoples lives who were about to die.

Probably burn it.

Make threads on Yas Forums asking who you want dead.
Then the news would call me the killer known as Yas Forums.

Yes and I willed fill the book with the names of Tech CEOS and politicians.

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Nice god complex

Every Rothschild, just for funsies.


Befriend the shinigami and keep the note in my drawer

sell it

have sex

Write my own name backwards so that I could never die.

Write the names of all of the top 50 richest people, all world leaders and all known terrorists/criminals. Make them all recite "This is God's will. Repent and make anime real."

You should include every TV talking head.

I would just burn it. The weight of murder is too much for me to handle.

>infinite pages
Make toilet paper and sale it to general public.


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For better effects let them all die at the same time.

kill everyone who disagrees with me and establish a dictatorship with me at the top

Write my name on it, with a note that makes it instantaneous and painless.

How many pages does a death note have, anyway?

Literally do what the cabal did in the second half and short company stocks, then kill their CEOs

Kill Trump, Pence, and Hillary after making them publicly confess all the shady shit they've ever done.

The only way to win is not to play.

>t. Tanaka

Make him a real killer.

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Pull up a phonebook with a star on it.

I'd go after perpetrators of western oligarchy. The rich and their political pawns are bending us over and fucking us every chance they get and they deserve only death.

I'd also fuck with china.

>not Biden
A fellow Joepedochad I see.