Boku no Hero Academia

Waiting the spoilers.... R-right?

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Why is he so cute?!

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It's been a day since one piece got spoilers and no one else got them. Let it go, we'll have to wait the whole week

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MirioEribros............what is this?!....................

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>telling manchildren to wait and not to act impulsive
where do you think you are


There's a chapter this week?


Image scans will be early, then fansubs; then the real nigga hiatus starts on Friday/Saturday and last until the second Wednesday after.

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While people lurk, a quick update; the leaker that Audrey got in trouble by attentionwhoring his chinese scans for all of WSJ just got sentenced today.

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Who's the worst character in the series and why is it Deku

Nighteye by far.

Scans soon

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You know, of all the characters that have gotten an ounce of development, Nighteye was by far the worst.

It's bakugo

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He said worst, not best.

Bakugo is singlehandedly the worst part of this already shit manga.



>Bakugo is singlehandedly the worst part of this already shit manga.
second worst
deku is worst

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> just got sentenced today.

Fucking wrong

How does he do it

fuck yes


you're pissing people off.

good shit