Isn't it interesting how both low and high IQ Monogatari fans think Nadeko is the best girl...

Isn't it interesting how both low and high IQ Monogatari fans think Nadeko is the best girl, yet midwits think Nadeko is the worst girl?

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this should be a shinobu thread

While you make a good argument Satan, doll is actually best girl.

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I want to clean her up and pamper her after she helps herself to a big dick buffet!

First or last?

Last as it's ordered by decreasing IQ


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nadeko did nothing wrong and is third best girl

she's the cutest but her personality is just utter shit

Nice bait

Someone has to be first, I'll sacrifice myself as long as i can go again when everyone had their turn.

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>her personality is just utter shit
But she's literally me.

I dropped this series before she showed up but I'm pretty confident she's best girl

Literally the most trash attitude in the whole franchise to the point where she is the only character to be trashed talked by Shinobu and exposed for the viewers to see. Well snake did also show her shit personality herself. That's a double down on the 'shittyness'.

Only speed readers/watchers got baited by her facade personality

her personality is 3DPD and we're biologically programmed to like that

She's not best, but she's up there

>not tolerating girls shitty attitude and working to correct it
tfw i will never be a wizard, dont let the succubi take ur powers senpai

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Where the FUCK do you think you are?

Nadeko did nothing wrong

explain to me why 'high IQ monogatari fans' consider her best girls.


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they don't, actual high IQ chads know crab is best girl. OP's mommy lied and told him gold stars were for intelligence not attendance.

I don't think she is best (Hachikuji is best), but Nafeko is certainly the cutest and sexiest.

>both low and high IQ Monogatari fans think Nadeko is the best girl
That's just what you tell yourself so you can pretend you're better than the rest of the Nadeko fans. You're all low IQ.

105-115 is perfection, you're dumb enough to not understand how the world works but you can still learn a skill and enjoy life.
120+ you start to overthink and see faults and below 100 you're too dumb to even function properly.

All 135+ know Hachikuji is best girl

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This. My intelligence scares other people away. It's better that way.

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