Kawaharaverse thread

Since Accel World threads die almost imminently after birth and SAO threads attract rampant shitposting I thought I would take a page out of the Raildex fanbase's book and try making a unified thread for both series (and their respective spinoffs like Magisa Garden, Progressive, and Alternative)

>What do you think of Unital Ring so far?
>Was Haruyuki a fucking idiot for choosing a sword as his Level 6 bonus when the Legion already has Lotus, Pile, Scissors, and Heir covering that weapon-type and they are all DRASTICALLY better at it than Crow is?
>How mad are you that WotU Part 2 got Corona'd?
>Will Sunrise ever stop huffing the giant pile of Love Live cash to ever make a season two for AW?
>Will Kawahara and Sigawa ever take another bromance road trip abroad to shoot guns together and claim it was totally "research" for AGGO?

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Kuroyukihime's avatar is black and sharp because her dad is dark and edgy.

She's just as if not more edgy: Black Lotus' arms and legs cut everything they tough even if she doesn't want to because "she subconsciously rejects everything and everyone in the world"

I love all these tryhard dorks

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Kirito isn't edgy user.
He's not her dad either, but I digress.

> How mad are you that WotU Part 2 got Corona'd
Very. I was so looking forward to the suffering and ryona.

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>He's not her dad either

That's a complicated as fuck question considering what she is. Her physical body has one father who is Shikimi's husband, he mind has another who is officially unknown but is almost certainly StarKing!Kirito

If the "they are totally unrelated" arguments are right there is a literal shoal of Red Herrings involved including "why have Shikimi show up in Unital Ring?" "Why have KYH mention she was created when her 'parents' were studying a secret government program in the 2020s dealing with Artificial Fluctuating Lights?" "Why did Graphite Edge decide to teach him Aincrad Dual Wield moves?" "why give her a Hack-The-Planet app whose desktop icon might as well be labeled Alicization_Spoilers.jpg?" "If she was purposefully 'birthed' from a machine womb by her mother's design why specifically have her born on September 30th and Barcode that on her neck? A day that has no foreshadowing of any kind in AW but just happens to be Asuna's birthday too?

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Okay. Let me correct myself, he's not her biological dad at least. They definitely have some connection, be it with SK or meatbag Kirito.

Kawahara should just fuck off with AW. That shit is trash. Why bother merging the worlds when the other series was a big time fail.


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How do we know that her father was Shikimi’s husband? Her biological mother is almost certainly Shikimi since Shikimi is basically KYH drawn in ABEC’s style but nothing has been said about where the other half of her DNA came from or if she has a father at all (she could be a complete clone of Shikimi).

> V24 Preview included Kirito and Asuna both getting headaches when Kirito started talking about AI babies. A sign of blocked memories getting triggered.

D-did they have kids in Underworld bros?

user, what do you think we have been talking about the whole thread?

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So all this ryona talk made me curious, how bad is it actually gonna be?

Eugeo is still best boy

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Holy based

You mean be a degenerate and make a general?

Why the hell would Shikimi go so far for Asuna though?

All we know is that Shikimi mentions meeting Asuna when they were kids at an industry event but Asuna later thinks to herself that she has no memory of this so if it did happen it was when they were young and it probably was a very informal few minutes of talking that Asuna had totally forgotten about.

No idea about the bigger implications of this yet, but Shikimi could be an obsessed yandere. Kawahara *has* said he wants to write more yuri. if KYH was produced with SK's help it might also have been his idea. He more than anyone has a reason to obsess over Asuna considering he was married to her for 200 years

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> Kawahara *has* said he wants to write more yuri
Which SAO girls could you see going the yuri route? Alice seems obvious since all men in her life either suffers and/or dies.

Liz is bi-curious at least.

I still miss him bros

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>D-did they have kids in Underworld bros?
Well, they’re guaranteed to have had sex in the Underworld, and I don’t think it has birth control. They’d also have reason to suspect that they would die there given the difficulty involved in getting them out in time. So logically it’d be reasonable if they had kids. For that matter, it wouldn’t have been odd if they have a bunch of descendants in Underworld by this point.

Did the plot of accel world finally move forward? Did they take over one region or is it still stuck?

Yeah. That all makes sense.3

Sinon, Liz, Alice and Asuna is wildcard

Is the Isolator manga worth reading?

The LN definitely is. It's good.
Although releases are slow as fuck.

Gameverse best timeline

So what will Kawahara come up with next to make him suffer? He's already making a lookalike of his dead boyfriend.

Chrome disaster 0.5