Educate me on the Crunchyroll Question

Educate me on the Crunchyroll Question.
Why does everyone hate them?
Never gave enough of a shit to look into it before and didn't think it was important since I'll never pay for streaming services when I can get everything for free.

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>paying for anime
>paying for a shitty stream of an anime
>paying for jews to buy streaming licenses for anime (which are what? $2k a pop?) and dubs (LOL)
>or don't pay and watch for an even shittier stream
There, now you know better.
>inb4 muh support the industry!
Buy BDs or merch then you spastic.

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>Why does everyone hate them?
Because the profits they make from subscriptions goes directly to Crunchyroll while the production team that makes the anime in Japan get a very small portion of the profits.

Bad translations, Western Political agendas, paying to a company which wastes that money instead of supporting creators as advertised. Better to torrent and see if the content is worth buying to support.

They're an invasive western company that forced themselves into the anime scene. They do nothing but grab content and force others to pay for it. They're not a middle man in this either; as the other anons pointed out, the money goes to CR, not the people that matter. If you remember 4kids, then it's basically like them but worse.

funding censorship

They were a pirate site that made money off fansubs. They wanted "donations" for downloads or something. Then they went legal, and plagued us with shit subs and bad video quality.
And now, CR is one of the least worse streamers. But still shit.

Bad quaility streams, almost everything of the sub goes to them instead of the OG creators, shitton of shows are REGION BLOCKED.
Just torrent or use shady streaming sites with adblock and if you liked a show, go support the creators DIRECTLY isntead of giving money to these parasites.

You got any sources on that?
I read an ANN article saying how crunchyroll is funding entire productions and I didn't buy it for a second but I'd like proof to the contrary.

Because they're huge assholes and we remember their history and how they came into being. How they exploited fansubs to build a base, how they undercut their competition, how they kept being a pirate site for years to build up a following before fully going legal.
Fakku later went on to copy their model with minor modifications and they too are persona non grata. They are everything that is wrong with this western "industry".
All their recent bullshit is just the shit cherry on top.
Eat glass

Can I have some examples of their censorship? Sources would be preferred.

>crunchyroll licenses a shit ton of anime to avoid competition, thus oversaturating the market with garbage low quality shows that no-one wants to watch
>miss-translates dialogue to fit western norms
>trying to force western garbage into anime
If you love anime and want to support the industry, you are better off pirating shows and then buying the bluerays and merchandise instead of using crunchyroll, this service only harms the industry.

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How exactly do you go from piracy to being legal? If you already had a reputation as a pirate, how would you be trusted enough by other businesses?

Not exactly censorship, more like modifying scripts, as far as I know

Heard in a series, a shady character suggests the heroines get in swimsuits to sell a product

in the OG they call him an idiot,
in the CR, they call him a 'sexist mysogynist'

Because they're mediocre and people only remember the good fansubs rather than the average ones, which were even worse than Crunchy.
Also they were around before all the even worse options turned up.

the key word is 'capital'

Isn't fansubbing dead though? I'm pretty sure that when I use streaming websites, they just rip directly from funi or crunchyroll. How am I supposed to know where they mistranslate?


Rebranding, Crunchyroll had another name before that I've long since forgotten. It was during the time when they streamed Ubel Blatt, one of their first legal streams. Things took off after they acquired Naruto and Bleach.

>paying for streaming
>paying for glorified 480p streaming
>paying for glorified 480p streaming of a small selection of titles
>paying for glorified 480p streaming of a small selection of titles with dogshit subs

I remember using their site to watch shit for free before they went legit tho

Oh yes, they were rather famous back in 2008-2009 as a pirate anime streaming platform. I remember watching all of GTO, Gintama and Clannad S1 on their site. Ironically their stream quality and player were much better back then as well.

No it isn't. Fansubbing has done a good job for netflix only anime, and shows thaf aired mostly in japan.

>How am I supposed to know where they mistranslate?
Then learn japanese if you wanna be that way. Go learn japanese and you won't need anyone. I sure as hell trust fellow fans that care about the media than a company that releases translations that cater to people who know jackshit about japanese humor and culture.

Aired only in japan*

Crunchyroll is on the production team these days

I have watched a bunch of their licenses and they were fine. Subs weren't terrible like Funi but i think the main point is that they underpay their workers and give very little back to the creators in Japan.

I think Bookwalker Global works in a similar fashion where they take about 40-45% of the sales. Not going to name the publisher from whom i aquired this info.

>using streaming sites
You = cancer.

But aren't you the exact same? You don't know where the mistranslations is but you'll complain about it nonetheless.

They are needed to stop Funi from ruining every anime subs

Crazy how funi gets most of the licenses in a season.

I mean, they exist for shows other companies aren't really picking up but I just see Crunchy and Funi everywhere when that isn't the case lol
Don't be a passive-aggressive faggot, I already know fansubbers are better from comparing old scanslated manga to the shit I can buy in book stores now. My point is that if fansubbers aren't also translating shit, I'm not going to be able to tell what's changed.

>give very little back to the creators in Japan
Eh, they give back exactly that what the electronic rights holder of the intellectual property in Japan negotiated with that ameriburger company.
Anime studios doing the standard anime adaptation of an established property are not holders of said electronic rights and do not count as the creators, so of course they don't matter, and they shouldn't. If they wanted, they would have negotiated with the production committee beforehand, instead of merely being another run of the mill mercenary studio simply doing work.

Capitalism is working fine.

It helps to have Sony money. They're also working with Aniplex now as of last fall so they're getting more than ever before. This is the darkest timeline for subs

Funimation is infinitely worse.

Funding an anime doesn't mean they give money back to all the series they license you idiot.

Funimation, Crunchyroll, it's all the same thing. It's gaijin animu streamng services.
And as long as they exist, we pirates can get immediate subtitled animus released half an hour after the initial TV broadcast releases, so it's good that they and enough dumb customers exist.
For us pirates who only wish to consume the anime without wasting money on other merchandise shit like the moronic buyfaggers, the idiotic streamerfags are the more important demographic.

>Capitalism is working fine.
Not about getting money to creators, but capitalism doesn't work here, because rights are exclusive so customers can only choose what to watch, not who subs it.