Today is the day, brace for impact.

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best day of the week!

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Even the correct episode looked painful to watch. All this shitty CGI. Anime is dying.


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Corona-chan didn't claimed this one?

I'd rather have 3D than QUALITY of this degree to be honest.

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It's too shit, corona can't be bother

Girls in this show look like shit.
Can't even hold a candle to Major.

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Bottom looks better.

I hope we get Exclusive Contentâ„¢ from Funi this week as well

I'm bored, so I made this.

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Nigger, just wait until the episode out. Thread already cancer with meme lord QUALITY fags.

>Giving the shitty unfinished product to the tech illiterate EOP and westerner while keeping your superior product to your own domestic audience.
Brilliant I'd say.

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And the whole OP & ED in funi is made from stock footage,

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>That ass on the bottom right

I always wondered, isn't there a risk for the pitcher to get rekt by the ball hit back by the batter?


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I'm glad they know what to prioritize even when everything else is melting down

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Has Funimation acknowledged or fixed their fuck-up yet?

They replaced the version of the episode with the broadcast. They made no open acknowledgement of it.

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>They made no open acknowledgement of it
Why not?

They don't want to look bad while they're shilling VR Funimation movies.

Why would they admit incompetency or possibly even a break of contract?
Being honest is for commies.

Fear of losing customer trust? The least they could have done is give an apology and explanation and an assurance that it wouldn't happen again. Then again, this is the same company that dropped Interspecies Reviewers so quietly that one of the dub actors only found out because they just happened to be doing a Reddit AMA at the time and someone brought it up.

Anyone have a link to a stream?

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You know how MKL operates, sadly that isn't possible.
Hopefully Funi won't fuck up again today.

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How is it we can have all this discussion about the quality and the fanservice and not mention anything about the story or characters once?

oh yes