Shokugeki no Soma

Realistically speaking, do you think Erina slept with other guys between the timeskip or do you think she saved herself for Yukihira?

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Have Tosh make a doujin.

She definitely got it on. No question

How many characters can singlehandedly bring down their series like Erina did? She’s responsible for El Hermano.

Soma is a gigacuck.
>leaves Erina when she's at her prime
>gets together with her after she's lost her virginity and hit the wall


>erina is cake now

highly unlikely


But user, wouldn’t the smart thing be to leave Erina for another girl?

Every female with long hair in manga/anime must cut her hair to show maturity, change or growth, that's the rule.

Yeah if you’re gay and retarded which fits Soma perfectly

Megumi is the worst girl

That's all we'll get from this. Fuck you tsukada. Fuck you. I AM STILL BUTTHURT

Realistic doesn't mean being a whore.

She probably still does

He's probably already married to that brown haired girl

>Erina slept with other guys between the timeskip
Hopefully, just to see you guys seethe.

What is realistic? Do really think she's still a virgin at 25? Soma is a cuck

Why are Japanese writers so obsessed with NTR?

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Well most of you are over 30 and still virgins so she's probably one too

Can you cuck fetish freaks just die already?

They are not cuck fetishists, they are trying to spite a certain category of people that they hate

>cuck fetish freaks
You mean Japanese writers? I agree. I'm tired of NTR too

They never had sex so they like to think that every female character in fiction is a whore able to have sex with old mans so they think they have any possibilities

she didn't

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Females cannot be virgin over the age of 16 except they're morbidly obese.

Then why are you still a virgin?

Because I'm here

That's why you should marry 15 year old girls before it's too late

dropped this during Dark Chefs arc, did Based Dog lock down Best Girl?

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>dude Erina never looked at another man for 10 years
How can you honestly believe this? She was ready to leave Yukihira for Asahi after only knowing him for a couple of days. There's no way Soma didn't get cucked between the timeskip. Fuck the mangaka for ruining their pure relationship

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