Why did Yas Forums lie about the anime being cancelled and the manga getting axed? Throughout the 20th anniversary projects announcement livestream the voice actors mention about the anime being "stopped" and asking the chief editor about when it's returning? Why would they ask that for a cancelled series and why would shueisha even bring it back if it was cancelled? As for the manga, i read some interviews kubo did after the ending that revealed he ended it abruptly due to his health issues. Considering Jump serializing his one-shot for it's 50th anniversary and it getting an anime film before it's even officially published, these rumors about him having a bad relationship with Jump also seemed to be false.

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>Why did Yas Forums lie
I literally do not know. I've been correcting people on this shit for literally a decade now and nobody knows where they got the fucking idea from. Whoever deseminated this demoralization campaign did a damn good job.

Also where did this rumour about "nobody cares about Bleach in Japan" came from? It trended in Japan at 1 with over 120k+ at the year's end because of the zero squad announcement for a Gatcha. It had been in top 5 sales for tv tokyo with no ongoing anime for 8 years now. Masakazu Morita even said on the live stream that BLEACH's popularity never fell off and the fanbase continued to support it to no end.

Cos Kubo bend over for fujos to not kill Byakuya.


it wasn't axed, kubo just couldn't fucking draw anymore

Well I do agree that he should have killed off Byakuya but the dude was already sick by then. Imagine being a weekly Mangaka, being sick for over two years, continuing to draw the manga to reach its desired conclusion and being motivated by the letter of a dead kid only to receive death threats from fujos for such shit.

Bleach is for fags, that's why. Eat shit.

>BLEACH's popularity never fell off

Come on now, don't spread bullshit the other way. The numbers speak for themselves, BLEACH's sales were a shadow of their former self by the end of the series.

Don't point the finger at me, I just specified what the VAs said. As for manga sales, they have dropped for every series over the years. Bleach sold over 2 million in its last year even with one less volume and being the 6th most sold Manga from jump that year.

Retards believe what retarded anons on Yas Forums say. Everyone else who follows the manga and the mangaka knows the truth. Checking the archives you see multiple times anons saying it was because of health issues. Shounen shitters whine and say it was about low sales.

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it's confirmed to return in 2021

Fair weather anime hype fans, and fujo shitters are not fans. Everyone else who cared follows. Yas Forums is full of Yas Forumsutists who only care about waifus.

God I hope they fix the story with the anime, so much was awesome but frankenstein'd together in a fucking janky way to say the least.

I'm guessing the VA only meant that referring to the anime. BLEACH's decline was particularly visible compared to other big jump series. Naruto managed to remain a million seller even during its final year, BLEACH's couldn't even crack 500k.

It's hard to argue the popularity didn't fall off when the series was constantly in the back of the magazine during its final years and the sales crumbled to less than half of its peak. They were still good, though, and the anime abruptly stopping probably made the decline worse than it would normally be.

Based Huntard.

Ichigo before Rukia ruined him.

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I can only speak from personal experience but I was in Japan 2 or 3 months after bleach ended and there was no bleach merch in the Jump shops or any of the general anime shops in Tokyo. There was plenty of stuff for other finished jump series. The only bleach stuff I saw was a couple of images of ichigo and Rukia outside the Jump experience in the Sunshine tower.
I was pretty disappointed. Definitely gave me the impression it wasn't popular.

Can't wait for Kubo's return in jump this summer.

>Health Issues
That's code for "fired" in Japan business culture. Story was so bad, SWJ had to pull the plug.
It's only back because everything else now is so bad in comparison.

They’re butthurt and jealous so they fabricate the narrative like a couple of retards

I'm pretty hyped.

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user why are you lying on the internet?

I smell bitch on you.

>torn shoulder tendon
>lol no he was fired

Gas yourself.

the fullbring shit killed the manga sales and the anime rating

Why did Nel cover up her body so much?

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Shes got class, unlike Orihime.

nelfags are the new rukianiggers

nel looks like THAT?!

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Dude she had fully covered body for almost the entire manga. Even in the last arc we only saw her tummy.

>Even in the last arc we only saw her tummy.
nice selective memory you have there

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b-b-but urahara told her to wear it