Cel animation will never come back

>cel animation will never come back
>even if a studio had the money the people who have skill and talent required for cel animation do not exist anymore
>no way to justify the cost and excruciating labor required

How would it ever come back, hypothetically?

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Probably Kickstarter. The only way is if fans provide funding themselves, or some rich weeb/otaku.

Just imagine the cost of training animators, let alone the actual production

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What do you mean by hand drawn?

>the people who have skill and talent required for cel animation do not exist anymore
Yes, they do. It wasn't centuries ago, plenty of people trained in cel animation still exist.

There's not much talent required for cels, it just involves underpaid ladies hastily painting over the celluloid sheets.

It wouldn't. Digital will just get better at mimicking it.

Digital anime can't even do something as simple as contrast. If a shot by some miracle has really dark and really light values next to each other there's guaranteed to be some gradient overlay dulling both.

Some billionaire autist tries to revive it like Laika studios tried to revive stop-motion animation in the US.

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That has literally nothing to do with cels and digital themselves.

>why can't children work in coal mines anymore
>coal is garbage if it isn't mined by children
Outdated techniques are not magically superior to better ones.

>people who have skill and talent required for cel animation do not exist anymore
How would you know, have you ever worked on an anime and are knowledgeble about the current state studios and staff are in? Oh right, you don't you're just some foreigner who read a bunch of uninformed shit online and adapted it because he's gullible and easily influenced.

Why do you fags act like "cel animation" is some mystrious special technique that needs to be learned. You do realized the actual drawings were done on paper and then transfered onto cel using xerography right?

Eventually it will. Digital's made a lot of progress the last 30 years. CGI has gotten way better too. I'm admitting this as someone that still loves cel animation. I even have a fondness for the old Xerox era. Don't tell Yas Forums I like the Xerox era though.

Never said it was superior, just a shame we don’t have it anymore

The key animation part is unchanged from cel. Most artists still use pencil and paper. The biggest thing about cel is that the materials required are not made anymore.
That's a matter of stylistic choice, not an inherent limitation of digital. A good chief of digital photography would be able to imitate it to some degree, even if it's not perfect.

What is you take on old school methods with computers, hard core digital cell shading for lack of a better term. Where every every cell line is hand drawn on tablet and each cell is manually color declared? The only difference is the they have undo and pain bucket tools.
Note I am not talking about the common digital cell animation where the A.I. fills in most of it after they give it some key frames, as that lacks soul.

Digital's problem is that it's too clean.

Kind of a bad analogy, coal doesn't matter because you aren't appreciating it, you just need it by quickest means. Whereas something like an oil painting can still be appreciated because you like the style of oil painting better than digital art, even if it isn't as precise or quick as doing it digitally.

Basically pay them a lot more. It cheaper and quicker to make anime in current format. Also, I dont know many people can do it now a days.

Sounds like you'd like Megalo Box.

What makes cel look good is the use of real paint. Would be hard to teach again same way early digital animation was janky.

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Cel paintings aren't some artistic endeavor and have never been. From the outset it has been the domain of people doing underpaid rote work with no room for creativity or expression.

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Where painting is literally about creating and expressing, I don't see how you can say that. There are so many examples of cel animation where all of this checks out in spades.

>like in hunterxhunter

Lost interest

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No polygon models used for animation would be my guess. The main reason I hate modern anime is the constant use of CGI. Badly constructed polygon models used for cars, backgrounds or worst of all, large groups or far away shots of people walking or fighting.

Crying over digital animation is really idiotic cause it's not a downgrade in any way, it's purely an upgrade, regardless of stylistic choices and trends you may or may not like. You could make anime to look like it was made in the 70s or 80s with digital tools easily.

Using crude polygon models that stick out like a sore thumb is a whole different thing that has nothing to do with digital. Hell, fucking Initial D had those horrible CGI cars despite being a 90s anime. It looked bad then and the technique hasn't improved much since.