You always see people taking about breasts and assess and feet and legs and armpits here...

You always see people taking about breasts and assess and feet and legs and armpits here, but is there a reason why mouths are never brought into the discussion?

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Because they're usually a thin slit comprised of a few dozen black pixels.

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Because there's a basic standard: clean and preferably with all its teeth, there's not much to discuss
Also, lips hardly differ in animu unless /d/egeneracy is involved, like vore or something
Now if we're talking about smiles, protecting seems a recurrent theme

Because they suck

>preferably with all its teeth
Missing the front two on the top row is cute.


dude what

I love cute little loli lips.

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It's maximum cute.

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I came here to post this.

KZ da best

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Read Fue doujins, he is the oral master.

>stomach punching (not full blown ryona though)
>pubic hair
>"i love you"

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I love white girls (she's white right?)

Hinako Note had some bizarre end cards.

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>blonde and blue eyes
Nah she's african you fucking idiot

Well her sister has pink eyes and pink hair. Could just be contact lenses and hair dye on a gyaru.

All anime characters are white unless otherwise stated

nah they're jap.. not gonna dwell on this tho


u mad?

Fingers/thumbs in the mouth are the hottest fucking thing ever. Even lewder than literal blowjobs if you ask me.

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top tier unstable smile

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It's all fun and games until nips add 3D fangs.

>expecting average iq faggot to be enlightened
Mouths are subject only for true connoisseurs


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