Why did she die in such a RETARDED way? I know it's been like 10 years or so but i still cannot believe this was actually praised as a "peak plot twist" at the time.

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>this was actually praised
it wasnt

I think you are confusing "praised" with "raged"

I was PISSING myself laughing when she started mowing down the spectators. It was glorious. She had found a way to peace without bloodshed or Zero or war. Then Le Douche cocks it all up on accident.

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code geass isn't praised because the story is great or because the plot twists are well thought out. it's just fun to watch.

You had to be here to watch it.

Shock value, and also because she nearly ended the story without punishing the bad guys. We couldn't have that.

Code Geass is just fun. Doesn't need masterful twists.

People that actually consider Code Geass a good anime have mental issues they should deal with. Euphy's retardation is just one of the ways this garbage shows its true colours

I wish I was here for S1.
At least I was here for R2 which is more than 98% of Yas Forums can claim right now.

I was there for R2 as well. There's nothing to boast about other than wasting 12 years on this shithole.

Same as how I love Oz despite it being completely retarded. It's just fun to watch, not everything has to be ~absolute kino~

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You know some of us have managed to lead productive, fulfilling lives while ALSO browsing Yas Forums. We're not all losers.

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>code geass isn't praised because the story is great
Except a lot of people praise it for this very reason.

Like No Game No Life?

I can't speak for everyone but I thought the story was great in the sense that it was a compelling ride, but I don't think it was particularly high brow or intelligent or deep or anything.

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Lmao brainlets getting filtered more than 10 years later. Does anybody still have the /lit/ pasta for this because i honestly dont give much of a fuck anymore.

Schneizel just made an illegal move...oh wait, wrong pasta.

post the image

The Euphinator scene is not bad because of the Geass. It was actually pretty well foreshadowed: we had already seen hints that Lelouch's Geass was acting haywire, and given the terrible luck Lelouch has throughout the series, you could easily anticipate that it would malfunction at the worst possible time.

The actual reason this scene is shit is that the writers wrote themselves into a corner with Euphie and the Special Administrative Region and they were totally uncreative in how they wrote themselves out of it. Logically, we need Lelouch's rebellion to keep going. We need the Black Knights to keep existing and keep fighting Britannia, because Lelouch hasn't achieved his goals of tracking down his mother's murderers, and he hasn't had the big confrontation with Charles that the whole series is building up to. Things need to keep going. But within the show itself, the SAR basically removes the need for the Black Knights to exist. In fact, they'd go out on a high note, because they had won more freedom within Britannia than anyone could dare have dreamed at the start of the rebellion. The SAR represents a victory for the Black Knights, but it represents a defeat for Lelouch, and since Lelouch is the main character, we can't have the SAR succeeding. Yet, as Lelouch himself mentions, there is no justifiable reason for him to turn down cooperating with Euphie. Doing so would betray the entire "heroes of justice" propaganda that the Black Knights had built up around themselves.

So, the writers are stuck. They've written a scenario where the main plot of the show should entirely logically come to an end, but because the main character has an arc that needs to keep going, it CAN'T come to an end here. How do you resolve this dilemma?

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There was a chance for them to make several moves here. Maybe have Schneizel be revealed to be up to something dastardly. Maybe Lelouch convinces Euphie of the justice of his revolt against Charles and actually wins her as an ally in his cause. Maybe the Black Knights actually DO come to an end here, and Lelouch changes tactics entirely in his war against Charles.

But none of that happens. Instead we get the Euphinator scene, which is nothing but an asspull. It's not satisfying, it's not thematically appropriate, it's just kind of a prank that comes out of nowhere. This is the biggest instance in the first season of the writers just doing something totally random to resolve a plot dilemma. It foreshadows R2, where this will be done a whole fucking lot. But back in the first season Code Geass at least still had SOMEWHAT good writing, so this scene felt extremely jarring and left a bad taste in people's mouths.

Also Euphie was a major cutie and it's always felt like a shame that she has to die.

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ITT: a bunch of people who don't know who Lacus is talk about how Euphinator is out of place

The Euphinator is a product of her era in Mecha.

1.Storytelling is about escalation of conflict whether it's logical or retarded.
2.The scene is meant to show how dangerous a Geass can be, even if it's contrived imho.
3.Peace loving Euphy turning into a genocidal maniac was kinda stupidly fun.

I'll be honest, I sometimes forget Geass is technically a mecha anime. The robots are the least memorable thing about it, with the possible exception of the Guren which has a cool design.

>and given the terrible luck Lelouch has throughout the series, you could easily anticipate that it would malfunction at the worst possible time
Where does this come from? Lelouch has tough opponents, not bad luck. Half of his plans depend on some lucky incident happening and yet they work out fine.
Also, despite the foreshadowing and everyhting, lelouch using that specific example is still pretty bad writting as it feels entirely OOC and forced as fuck.

>You know some of us have managed to lead productive, fulfilling lives

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It's a childrens cartoon. Turn off your brain.


my favorite part of that TL note is that it uses Yas Forums as a source for credibility

Believe it or not, that was my first thread in /a. Boy was I shocked.

No its mocked for being one of the most retarded scenes in the show. Forced drama
>HAHAHA you win I give up
>But if I wanted to win Id tell you to kill everyone and youd do it
>Crazy right HAHAHAHA
And conveniently his gease runs out of control at this exact moment.

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The only thing I didn't like about the way she goes out is the setup of having Lelouche make a bad joke that goes horribly wrong. Otherwise I thought it was the best part of the series, hands down. They foreshadowed it with Mao as well so it wasn't much of an asspull outside of the previously mentioned issue.

Lelouch should have given the order to Euphie on purpose. The plot continue the same but it's not an asspull.