Manga that's literally only about a cute boy

>manga that's literally only about a cute boy

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cute shotas are the best, go fuck yourself

Picked up

More like based

Thirsty shota

is that bulge

it's a little boy

Hot wet cute shota is the best

>>manga that's literally only about a cute boy
I need more of these

is anyone picking up the translation? anyone? we need this cute shit

Usually I don't like long haired shotas but this is an exception.

There was a chapter posted 4 hours ago

Someone dumps it then

Eh, i don't like stories with no substance other than sex appeal
If i'm in the mood for porn, i'll read porn.

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Even then the bulge is too huge for someone at that age.


Speaking from experience?

Will someone please by this boy some new clothes?
All his singlets are stretched out all to hell.

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I'm in love!

but user, there are 2 cute shotas, short haired one being best boy


The penis in my heart and my pants is errect.

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>Urpried, suse?

This looks gay

It is

Picked up

picked up
better be good

Oh wow, I didn't realize this got frequent releases now. Cool

Or what?
You'll tell on me?

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Shotas are so damn cute. I wanna get my hand on a shota, hug him warmly and give him kisses on the cheek!

I'd rape you but I like it so you're safe

Don't do that

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