Japan's most famous waifu is white

>Japan's most famous waifu is white

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Good and relevant thread OP


A kraut ginger.

half nip and rei is more popular in japan

>more popular than misty or bulma

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But she's not Rei.

Misty doesn't have nearly as many doujinshi. Dunno about Bulma. And most of Kasumi/Misty's are fuckin godawful because they age her up. Thank God for Isami and to a lesser extent, Gambler Club

She's hapa

>Bases characters popularity on porn.
Coomer mentality

She's a mutt.

It's a legitimate metric to consider as well as overall fanart, limp dick.

Fucking degenerate

Armchair-ascetic joke.


pick one

All I'm hearing is BASED.

Also Sauerkraut is delicious.

What are you basing this on? Canon information on her father is virtually non-existent.

Her dad is an Amerimutt and her mom is half Japanese, half German.

Almost every anime character looks more white than japanese

Doujin count is the best metric there is because it's no-holds-barred. Nobody fakes their faps to keep a face because it's inherently a private affair. There's any number of reasons other data would be manipulated by the masses themselves.

every anime character looks asian to me.

They mostly look white to me. Maybe I am one of those racists that I keep hearing about.

Both are pretty normal

All anime characters are white because japs hate themselves

Japan is the one time America got nation building right.

>Japan's most famous waifu is an alien

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This. You'll never see real Japs with colored eyes or colored hair, therefore 95% of all anime characters are white.

This but unironically. Idk why the little round faced yellow people draw them all white constantly

This is the real answer.

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Every time this discussion comes up, the answer is anime looks like anime.
Wypipo project themselves onto the characters, and Azns do the same.


>>Japan's most famous waifu
Why are Evacucks so braindead stupid?

sorry honda toyota but this isn't the case