Sound Thread

Sound thread?

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>template thread avoided.jpg
Thank god for mods.

every thread on Yas Forums is a template thread

Make sure to avoid wearing mixed fabrics because the rules say so.

Worked on these two, took an hour apiece, so I hope you like them.

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And number two

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I dont wear clothes

I like how after 24 hours I still can't delete fuckups

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I don't think you can ever delete catbox links, as far as I know.

Let's get dandy, baby.

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Because people posted cp and deleted it after a while.

empty op for shame

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no I mean I fucked up my image and instead of being able to delete it the site blocks your from being able to after you've done it to much which happened because I was still figuring out how to post these

user, what the fuck are you talking about???

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I mean I can't delete my image why the fuck is that so hard to comprehend

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Then just don't delete it you smoothbrain

yeah I guess I fucking won't why does this matter to you still

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>webm stops when changing tabs
Stop using webms for these.