ITT: The moment you fell in love with your waifu

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My evil sentient shard of an eldritch Goddess can't be this cute.

Better actually rape her and make fall in love before she accuses you.

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She's only cruel to incels, not chads like me.

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amagami girls are ascended taste user


>medium tits

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That gay bro

they're second biggest in the show.

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jashin chan dropkick first season.

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Are waifu fags real? Are you into NTRfags she is a waifu to many others, she was fucked conuntless times in various doujins by all manner of man, beast and unnatural monster and her heart belongs to another person anyway.

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Why do you marry real women? I'm sure plenty of people have imagined her doing terrible things too

What is the acceptable time between changing waifus?

When I woke up one morning, washed my face and I fell in love with... him when I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

1 season

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Rate my taste

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>some people are fucked up and make doujins about X waifu
>this means X is a bad waifu

Never, be smart and wait before committing

When one has best waifu it's not hard.

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You disgust me

how can she be the best if she is replaced by next season?


Literally what

Based but also cringe.

have you even read what the post you replied to was replying?