Was he always a massive piece of shit? Or did he just snap? His descent into being a sociopath seemed sudden...

Was he always a massive piece of shit? Or did he just snap? His descent into being a sociopath seemed sudden. He could’ve been happy. Why’d he do it bros

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>His descent into being a sociopath seemed sudden.
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>Was he always a massive piece of shit?
He was. He had every fucking chance to improve and chose to be a stagnant piece of shit. Fuck him.

But he's not the worst in his own series. Surrounded by a shit family. His waste of oxygen uncle, his whore wife, his fucking piece of shit father, his dysfunctional mother who only repented on her very last moment.

>Or did he just snap?
Mitsuko could have made any decent human being snap. Fuck her. She's the most despisable, disgusting, lowless scum i've witnessed to this day. Fuck her.

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No stop replying to bait. Punpun was never a "massive piece of shit". He was always justified.

>He was always justified.
If Punpun was, what you could describe as a ''tangible being'' like you and I. I would beat his skull into a pulp with my very own hands.

He's lower than scum, and he's not even the most pathetic character on his own series. Congratulations for that, Asano.

He was surrounded by shitty people, so...

Why is he a fucking bird.

No if you actually the read the series you can see that everything he does IS justified in some way. For example his attempted sexual assault comes off as bad or immoral but remember that Punpun was raped by his aunt so the behavior is justified. Then Akio's mother was a psycho so he was justified in killing her out of self-defense. And Punpun could see they were going down the drain, so if he had killed Aiko in the end it would have been justified as putting them out of their misery. Punpun was morally gray at worst.

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Punpun describes the effects of dysfunction on an otherwise perfectly functional human being. From the onset, Punpun is perfectly normal, liking a girl and feeling jealousy over the girl of his dreams liking someone else. However, when he is raped by his aunt things start to steadily fall apart and the dysfunctions of his family start to exacerbate themselves. These 'phases' of his life are represented by the changes in form. Once a perfectly normal, functional human being, he shifts to a manipulative, self-centered and dysfunctional psychopath, following in the footsteps of his dysfunctional family.

His intersection with Ako later on in the series reveals that Ako herself is also full of dysfunction despite a subtext of 'everything is fine.' Punpun's belief that 'love means sex' from childhood trauma then display in their 'relationship.' Ako makes good, logical and pure points that are simply dismissed and she becomes co-dependent on him after the loss of her mother. The result of his sex-addiction playing into Ako's codependence comes to a point of dysfunction that leads to her ultimately killing herself out of depression, knowing that they will never be able to have a healthy, fruitful relationship together.

Ultimately, Punpun is left to reflect on the decisions he's made out of the pain and sorrow his dysfunctional upbringing left him. In epilogue, he reflects that ultimately, he has no real 'regrets' since he has come to accept the grief that his childhood has left to him.

Ultimately it's a story of what happens when a normal human being is left to dysfunction, a lack of sexual boundaries founded from childhood sex abuse; leading to his lack of boundaries in any relationship and his addiction to sex.

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>he shifts to a manipulative, self-centered and dysfunctional psychopath, following in the footsteps of his dysfunctional family.
He never shifts to this holy shit. He was ALWAYS morally justified.

>He was ALWAYS morally justified.
Imagine actually defending such a pathetic scum and not liking people saying that.

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Because that makes the manga very deep and meaningful

Not my problem you were too retarded to understand the manga about a cartoon bird, go watch MLP for something more your speed

>He was ALWAYS morally justified.
I would believe you until he manipulates aiko and almost kills someone for littering

>he manipulates aiko
>almost kills someone for littering
Don't remember this.

Oyasumi Punpun was the Joker of anime and manga

I dont think he was ever a bad person but just a person with a very binary idea of the world with absolutely NOTHING going in his way, nothing good ever happens to him and the story ends with him living with the guilt or the memory of everything hes done

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I believe in volume 10-12 thats when that happens. He literally stalked and assaults someone for littering, now there may be some inner emotional reason he did it or for justification but on its face he almost commits murder on a complete stranger for little to no reason.

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I need more of a chapter number to check.

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His mom said he was the worst of her and the worst of his father combined. Sometimes you lose the lottery in the womb.

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