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We're walking on thin ice buddy.

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I want to eat everyone in this show.

Now that the weeklyfag thread is finally dead we can spoil everything

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I taking this thread down.. with no survivors.

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Fuck Jashin-chan and fuck demons

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rather fuck pino.

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Please be quiet, Yurine is sleeping.

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kill the demon scum!!! Burn the Witch!!!

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No pekora, YOU are the witch.

Minos best girl!

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>ywn be eviscerated by Minos' horns as she nuzzles against you.

I'm still playing with this dumb idea I had. I tweaked proportions and colors a little bit and started working on animations. Is anyone interested on this?

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strong snek

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Plrease tell me you're making a side scroller game where you slither around dropkicking shitty angels.

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Kinda, my main idea was some sort of mix between Divekick and Smash. Something really simple that I can finish quickly. But if people like it enough I could start changing and adding more stuff to it, so a side scroller mode could happen too.

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Snek is popular on 2chan


Great news.

How do I get a Persephone gf?

Add an 8bit version of Anoko ni Drop Kick as BGM and you got yourself a player.

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meant for

I'll do my best.

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God Emperor Jashin-chan

good. the first season sort of went under the radar.
I'm glad to see that its getting success.

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I can't read japanese but I bet the second last panel Jashin-chan says something like
>you filth, you think you're a match for me, you baka

Finally watched the finale. My fucking sides.

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Enjoy your nightmares and sleep paralysis

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you only get that if you signed the agreement
I didn't and watched it all and I'm fine

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