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What Japanese recipes did your favorite show inspire you to try and make?

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i make a lot of curry and omurice. still prefer thai style to japan or indian, but japan's is still pretty good.

A child.

Eating a bowl of plain rice sometimes with vegetables
very cheap

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Octopus sausages.

got a sauce on that crop? yandex gives me nothing.


Onigiri. It's pretty easy to make but the rice takes time.

Don’t know what it’s from but the art style makes me think Himeno Mikan.

nipponese food is bland as fuck

I'd like to try oyakodon but the setup seems hard to come by in real life

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>Himeno Mikan
nvm it's probably ntr then.

I once made apple risotto from Shokugeki no Soma. It turned out pretty well, but really needs more bacon than suggested. The risotto by itself is like insanely sweet, so salty bacon makes it both enjoyable and edible.

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This guy gets it. Is this the anime board or the weeb board?

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neither lol

Chili burgers

The brits/americans have arrived.

Any good curry recipes with ingredients you get in filthy gaijin land?

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walmart sells the curry blocks in the ethnic foods section.
You can make this entire thing from scratch weather you’re a bong or a burger!

Curry rice, katsu curry, gyudon, and pudding/flan. I'm basically at imouto level cooking skill.

I use to make mapo tofu all the time. Packaged curry taste likes shit so I usually just make it from scratch

whats the reason why japanese curry tastes sweet? unlike say carribean and indian curry which are umami and spicy only.

Thanks user
Maybe I'll make it for dinner today.

Thanks for the suggestion
Yuropeeyan so no wallmart for me, but still thanks.

How do you go about making the curry roux or “base”?

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Furikake gohan makes for a great lazy dinner.

They usually added a grated apple or a little honey

I make tamagoyaki and omurice pretty often, if you eat eggs every day it's a nice departure from the usual American-style omelette. Also made the black pepper pork buns from Shokugeki's third(?) season, they were okay.