Recent fantasy/isekai anime

why the fuck is every isekai the same anons?

>lonely otaku spends all his time playing RPG

>one day is transported to RPG for no reason

>either incredibly OP or a worthless noob that becomes OP by the end of the first season

>entire party is made up of cute girls vying for his cock.

>protag is either too stupid to realize this or is too beta to fuck any of them

>antag is always another guy who got isekai'd

where is the creativity? most of the recent non-isekai fantasy animes have fallen into these tropes aswell.

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>antag is always another guy who got isekai'd
I wish there was more of that
most don't even have antags at all

Welcome to trends, user, this is how they work.

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Why don't we have an isekai where the MC is an underdog in fantasy world, slowly became a powerful overlord who eventually challenge by the isekai heroes and say screw you to destiny and crushed the heroes?

>isekai'd older guy
>has a sex drive
>doesn't stick his dick in the party members because he keeps it professional
>fucks whores at the brothel instead
>partymates even thirstier for the dick now
>keep on denying them until they snap and rape you
all according to keikkaku.

I always thought it would be fun if the MC's powers were dependent upon his repressed sexual energy because then all that shit would make perfect sense. The more he's blueballed, the stronger he becomes. And who's more frustrated than a friendless neet who plays JRPGs all day?

spotted the nonreader
read more isekai
before discussing it

someone needs to write a opposite isekai that makes neets seethe.
Handsome popular athlete with good charisma and people skills gets hit by truck.
Reborn as some shit low level npc.

Uses his likeability and people skills to somehow rise up out of poverty.

Series ends with "its just be confident bro"

Nobody would read it. Chadsekai exists see Ride on King, Karate Baki and By the Grace of Gods

You're not looking hard enough. Check out "Ascendance of a Bookworm" for an isekai series that is truly good and different.

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You mean so boring it never had any threads.

Nah, it's comfy as fuck, but because it's not some generic harem vidya gaem trash anons dismiss it because they have shit tastes.

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Reminder: no fun, only TASTE!
Only MATURE Japanese media for MATURE persons such as myself.
You can only enjoy isekai after you admit that it is shit and your taste is shit so I can feel better about mine.
This is all I come to Yas Forums for and create bait isekaithreads for.

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If it was so comfy novel TL wouldn't just say
>fuck it I'm not translating THAT many chapters

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Actually, I'm reading the light novels right now. Used some of my coronavirus NEET bux to order the first light novel and it just showed up the other day.

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It's like they're made by incels or something.

she's already getting a massive powerup

what the fuck

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Can I get the full pic of this? I love that drawfag.

It's the full pic. BB doesn't draw full shots usually just comic panels.

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are the any images of isekai recommendations?

Each arc is the first number, the individual story the second number. It's kinda like how many shows number episodes by season and then the number within the season (Season 2 Episode 9, for instance)

Isn't that basically Exterminator?

So how different is LN? I dropped WN when she was considering deal with merchants for backing her into lower nobility slave or something.

Would a music isekai about saving the world with the power of rock and roll work?

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Jesus Christ read Slave Harem, or lurk moar OP.

here's the complete list.

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you mean Show By Rock?

So far where I am. it tracks pretty close to the anime. Only major difference I've noticed is that the anime skimmed over a lot of interactions or slimmed the interactions down a lot (not surprising, LNs can have multi-chapter long conversations but an anime needs to fill a timeslot). Overall it's a good read, solid 7/10 so far (and considering the other LN isekai I've read topped out at 4/10, that's saying something).

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Just read Chinese isekai then.

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No, I mean the fullsize, OP saved a version for ants.

That's literally what every revenge isekai were.
Unless you're being sarcastic in which case, fuck you.

I wish all harems denied like that while the MC goes to brothels could be successful in their rape attempts.


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World of reversed gender roles

Man of culture

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No i mean the MC is a native to the fantasy world. he not came from another world, he born in the fantasy world. A simple peasant rise to become an overlord that destine to be defeat by a hero from another world.

Except they are an underdog for like three chapters and then they get completely op powers. I would love to see a story where they go from underdog to powerful in a metodic and reasonably progressive way

read shounen you fuckwit
you challengefags are worse than nothinghappensniggers

Death Mage

Isekai is soul-crushed nippon ippanzin otherworldly vacation escape fatasy.
It is supposed to be self-insertable.

How fucking realistic is it for average Japanese civilian to suddenly have enough prowess, dedication and skill to survive being an underdog and climb the ladder?

Sure there are some stories like that, but what you are suggesting is plain seinen in another world.

One Piece, Naruto, Star Wars - every MC there PREPARED for an adventure and animosity.

Nobody would read author shoehorning regular nip suddenly going full Sun Tzu and Bruce Lee on the locals, even if that sometimes happens still.

>lol imma steal your power
>the one you have now is shit, SHIT
>except it's a cheat one

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