One piece


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Had the most pointless arc in the series. Seriously, what was Oda thinking?


>thread is already shitposting central with just OP and first post
hopefully new leaks pop up before you fags keep up the endless bait and reply cycle.

- Strawhats and Kidd Pirates start infiltrating Kaidos Mansion
- Once the Flying Six manage to find Kaidos son, they get the chance to challenge the calamities.
- The challenge is supposed to be demonstrated in front of Big Mom. That is the reason why Kaido gathered them to meet big mom.
- Kaido wants to show strength of flying six to big mom
- If one of Flying Six win against the calamities, they can replace the respective All-Star
- We see Big Mom in her Kimono as she joins Kaido on the festival
- The numbers have a gift prepared for Kaido (it is stated that its something important)
- Kanjuro is flying towards Hiyori instead of Onigashima
- Yamato is NOT Kaido's son's name

Honestly looks like that ship has already sailed.

It was neat and fun. I loved seeing the crew interact amongst each other and all countdown as Luffy BTFO'd Foxy.

King: Even if I summoned you all to gather, there are some of you who wouldn't heed my call?
King: Who's Who, Sasaki
Sasaki: Well that's true
King: All of you ex pirate captains are gunning for our "All Star" seats (note: text is cut off but I'm guessing he's saying something like this)

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shame, Yamato sounds cool

>son is revealed
>actually no just his name
>his name is yamato
>actually no name is revealed
what the hecking heck is going on with spoilers this time?

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>all these characters are going to be reduced to ~20 chapters of unfocused skirmishes with Luffy getting most of the spotlight
Oda does not give in to fightfags

Can we please not do this again and discuss spoilers? You people act like literal children

They are children, you didn't figure that out yet?

Kiku is going to be the MVP

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spoilers are contradictory and unclear right now. We have to wait for more details and better translations so might as well shitpost

Sanjifags will never recover from this

we'll probably be getting a davy back fight against blackbeard or shanks in the endgame

Foxy is the most powerful character in One Piece.


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You read a comic book aimed at 12-18 year old children.

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are you doing those?
If so, I thank you very much. They're pretty cute and funny.

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Those are teens, nonetheless it is far more popular among adults.

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We're in a glorious new age of fake spoilers and leg pulling.
My condolences to any victims (read:Ginfags) of the times.

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how old is this graphic?

-Kaido opens the door
-gets on the floor
-tells everybody walk the dinosaur
-the dinosaur is his son
-no chapter the following week

Judging by the time stamp it's from around 2011.

Hina is like forty years old God dammit. Stop talking im 3rd person you stupid cunt. It's not cute or funny it looks idiotic on a grown up woman

-Kaido's son refuses, and isn't qualified to walk the dinosaur anyway because he also refused to eat a devil fruit

Wonder what Kaido's version will be.

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Kata a shit

25% of Japanese men and women under the age of 40 are virgins. Not the best indicator.

He thought "I want to write some interesting character interactions in a low stakes setting" and he did. I only wish he did it more.

By cutting a log?


Still don't get it.

The spoilers from 5ch were already confirmed.

>978 chapters
I getting into this series even realistically possible?

take your time with it. it's a long journey but every bit is worth it

They're not contradictory. Kaido didn't summon the Tobi Roppo (which is why in the chapter before last they had to request an audience which he approved), but now that they're present he's called them to show off to Linlin.

you just need to read
take your time