Love Live

>/ll/ is short for Lesbian Loli
>/ll/ could also mean Love Live
Really makes you think

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you are the only one who thinks about worthless shit like that your brain is rotten

Rina has no interest in love or sex, she only wants friends

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Ultra slowpoke here, just finishing the first series. Why didn't you tell me it wasn't 100% CG dancing and was actually good?

o fuq

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>high school hags

Watch Sunshine, it's amazing. Peak idol anime.

Some people are against idols and/or CG on principle, to the point where they loudly refuse to watch anything where it is present.
There are also (other) people who react the same way to anime, in general.

They're usually angry and bitter, most of the time. Just ignore them, or try to persuade them if you feel like you're up to it.

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I love Riko!

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I love You!

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I don't care what she did, I will always be her fan. I will always stand by her, stand with her, no matter what.

I always imagine that You smells like chlorine.

Nozomi is love

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The coolest

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She did nothing wrong. Love Live is still here. Love Live is stronger than ever.

>she only wants friends
Sexfriends count too.

muse s2 was peak rabu raibu

She probably is

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ww1 vet itt

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Lo/v/e Li/v/e

Tell me our name

A warrior of many a battle.
A traveller among countless battlefields
A veteran of a war that never ends

With no regrets. Duty calls.

Do only lesbians become school idols or does becoming a school idol turn you into a lesbian?

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>hagfags trying to ruin another thread
Please, report and ignore.

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You do know that Sunshine is part of the hagfag club now right