ITT characters from the last 5 or so years you would already consider to be classic/iconic

I will start

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I see why.

I just want want to feel anime breasts, man
I don’t even want sex, I just want to hold them roundies

user, no. She's not notable as a character at all and you just want to fuck a character design.

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I actually liked her personality a lot, but I also want to fuck her

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Literally the first result if you google anime elf.

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Yeah, but only because that's literally her name

Not one of the Lodoss War characters?


No lesbos allowed

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She's already started shaping how people design maid uniforms with lots of rip-offs and together with the eggplant from FGO and that dumb boatslut from Kancolle are contributing to more short-haired cyclopes.

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Based Satanichia sama.

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PUNCH Satania

>last 5 or so years
>came out over a decade ago

She is High Elf Archer not "anime elf" and you have to consider that her anime is not even 2 years old.

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Where & with what

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>characters from the last 5 or so years you would already consider to be classic/iconic
Here you go, user.

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say what you will about the anime but this character is very popular

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This faggot and the gay cat from Re: Zero have sadly done more to advance the cause of gays and trans than a million screaming purple-haired retards on twitter/tumblr.

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A list of iconic characters where the only easily recognizable submissions are MHA, Little Witch Academia or Re:Zero?

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Saber was already posted