Ugly Bastard Trump

You're sitting on a beach bench with your girl, Spending your sweet time together holding hands, snacking, and taking in the sights, when the wind suddenly picks up and you hear the rising sound of a somber, minor version of Hail the Chief playing.

After shielding each of your eyes from the hurricane around both of you, you open your eyes and see that the Presidential Helicopter, The Marine One, has landed before you. You're intimidated by the black-clad and armed giants who simply hop off the vehicle, before moving to you and your girl's position. You hold her tight, for both of you, to quiet her shaking and ease your nerves, but you realize too late to do much more about it that they were focused on you and your girl. Her warmth was only felt for a second when one of these behemoths swats you in the stomach, winding you and throwing you to the ground, and then simply scooping her up and carrying her back. They only leave some scrap of paper behind.

A glimpse into the Marine One confirms your worst fears. His pale lips were twisted into a crocodile-like grin. His baggy and sleepy eyes were filled with lechery and unholy pride. The Crimson hat on his rust and sand colored head were unmistakable. It was the 45th US President, Donald Trump. And you could only watch helplessly, as your girl was placed on his lap and the Marine One took off.
Not knowing what else to do, you read the piece of paper the Marines left behind. Your heart sinks and displaces tears, as you read:
"Executive Order No. 16969: By the authority vested in me as President… it is hereby ordered as follows: That your girl's luxurious coochie be filled by the Commander and Chief, effective immediately."

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>tfw you post on the wrong board

Where else was I supposed to post it?



I would argue this has more place on /jp/ than Yas Forums

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Welcome to Yas Forums. The site isn't all-encompassing for this your political ideas, and we're divided by boards that have different topics.

Why is blumpf cheeto head in my anime mangos board?

He appears in many manga

What anime is this?


That's not Cheeto Man.

>by the pussy
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You failure.

do you think trump will win 2020

Much appreciated. I worked hard.

I just wanted to write an ugly bastard scenario using Trump. Yas Forums is too distracted and obsessed with muh joos to appreciate it. It would die there.

Do you just wait to post at certain numbers?

i think it'd better off on Yas Forums or /bant/

Literally dumb luck.

Ugly bastard and ntr tags

Please Don't F*** My Love, Mr. President

>Do you just wait to post at certain numbers?
That would require luck and skill, no - he scripts his dubs

you have to go back

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Even Naruto is better with dubs.

This fucking timeline.

It's a guarantee. Put money on it if you didn't last time.


Isn’t the orange boi an Yas Forums character now? He appeared in that Death Note one shot.


damn why did this make me laugh so hard

I'm jealous of those people who put 100 grand on it in 2016 and won 5 times that amount back. That shit was too risky for me.

It wouldn't be an Ugly Bastard tag if I did.

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Hey, most NTR antagonists use blackmail. Clearly, a theoretical Cuckerus Maximus should be able to abuse executive powers to officially and legally rape someones waifu.

He also appeared in Gate. Too bad that series is garbage.

Also in Inuyashiki

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I'm gonna try them both.
/bant/ first though.

Someone already did it.

Mods don't delete this, trump is Yas Forums now

Lovers' suicide after fucking like beasts.

The tears, like the semen, doesn't stop coming.