This is a cat

This is a cat

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Where are they?

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Here's your cat

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That is a panther, not your housecat.

it's actually a male, so nipples are nearly invisible

t. oxoplasmosis

This cat's nipples are somehow more visible when covered up.

Answer the question.
She had a child inside her, so I don't think that's correct.

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Bun > Cat > Slaver > Elf > Demon > Dog secretaries > shit > Dark Elf > Knight

Itty bitty kitty titties >> big fat cat tats.

Cats should be flat and cows should be busty. Stay in your lane.

I don't know who this girl is but I like that comic where she's brutally raped

You're quite right, Aussie Satan.

>Cats should be flat
My melanin rich sibling.

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Cats should be Svelte, Dogs should be smaller or large depending on depicted breed, Cows should be THICC, birds should be small overall, Sneks should have farily large tits, Spiders can have either (though I err on large) and horses should have large.

Kyaru's Kyarus aren't that big, user

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designs made by porn artists are always disgusting half naked trash
no subtlety, no elegance

Shrodinger is cute.

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Anime needs more catboys.

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If only How Not To Summon A Demon Lord wasn't shit.

Like, I approve of kemonomimi fondling and bunny fingering, but there's a whole heap of garbage in that series that ruins things. Could've stood not to include any of the torture and rape stuff for one fucking thing.


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>megumeme clone
>aqua clone

What went wrong?

>Thought he was a girl growing up
>Fapped to "her" off and on for years

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>still not posted

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I still can't believe S2 was announced. A small miracle.

well, in his defence, considering how twisted the average Yas Forums user's fetishes are, I'd say that having a gay crush on Shrodinger is a mild offence...

I want a doujin of Seras pegging his cat hole all night long.

>small miracle
Look up the new studio in charge of season two and the promo image they showcased with the announcement.

>Seras (technically) remains virgin
I'm...strangely OK with this.

cute pig

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