Hikari is prettier than Asuka and Rei

Hikari is prettier than Asuka and Rei

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she's cuter too.

I'm with you op

She has one of the better fanfics, too.

You just know that Toji, Kensuke and half the other guys in class have run a train on her multiple times

how does this make you feel?

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That's one of those spin off games from the 90s with multiple routes, right?

yep, check out the bitrate of this animation

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Thats a strange way to spell plainer. The only reason I'll ever check out a doujin with Hikari on it is when Asuka corrupts her everyday girl next door demeanor onto a cock hungry succubus.

She picked the handsomest dude, I'll tell you that.

it's the freckles
I wish Asuka had freckles too

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She's also the only non-fucked up girl in the show. The only decent choice,



Ritsuko is stable as long as she gets her constant supply of Gendo dick and smokes.

Her sisters are like a billion times better though.


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She's got nothing on Toji's little sister.


She looks like she's very innocent and pure.

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She is

is asuka made for shinji's cawk

kaworu is prettier than any other character in eva

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Fun fact: freckles are considered mildly unattractive in Japan (or most East Asian cultures really) and so Hikari being freckled is a subtle way of saying she's homely.

Hikari is literally shinji in a dress, there's a reason Misato turned into a full-on shotacon around him

Every character in EVA looks the same though.

Yes, the only reason Asuka is superior is she's a person rather than a background character

Dunno about Hikari, but Sakura is certainly the cutest

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Utterly basado

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