You now remember the Neptunia anime

You now remember the Neptunia anime

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Indeed I do, nepu~

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It was pretty fun and comfy. The fact that it aired in the summer made it that much more comfy. 2013 was a good year too, I miss it a lot.

All I have are screencaps of the goddesses and close-ups of their thighs, ass, titties, and crotch

The thing I most remember about it was all the Jojofags seething saying it took away the part 3 adaptation from them.

nowa a best

>See you next time
but there was no next time

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I'm the only Compa fan on Yas Forums

We at least got an OVA.

But they did come back

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You can't just flaunt your collection like that and then not show us at least a treat, user.

Cute feet.

Is she a programmer?

>every entry has extremely negative or mixed reviews from critics
>every entry is purposely as stupid and pandering as possible
>is still a cult success that has lasted for a decade

Greatest shit game ever (besides Postal)

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V2 had legitimately decent gameplay.

VII was a great game in general, mostly because of Uzume.

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No, she's a console. The citizenry are players and game companies.

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She has a pudding butt

she's a stillbirth Sega console that never came out

Season 2 will happen, I can feel it!

Lewd body.

The Neps are all console-tans, although the series almost never does anything with the concept.

Fucking JoJo Fags will make sure there's never another season of Neptunia again. What went wrong nepbros?

You just answer your own question.

Hail One True Goddess of Gamindustri, Lady Prism Heart, Nepgear-sama!
Her rule will bring new age of peace and prosperity into Gamindustri!
Haven't done this in a while!

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Hail Nepgear-sama!

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One of the game to anime anime that was actually pretty good and full of soul

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next mainline game never

Lmoa she scores like dogshit in popularity polls

The 4koma would be coming out today if Dengeki PS didn't stop print.

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The entire franchise is trash except for Hello New World, which is genuinely good. It should've gotten an anime.