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How the fuck did Aoba manage to get a job right out of fucking High School?

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That's pretty common in Japan at least for non-office work. Though I think in offices they usually prefer college graduates whenever possible.

A decent portfolio is more important than formal credentials in many of the creative arts.

Creative fields are about your portfolio, not your degrees.

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>a decent portfolion
She had to learn 3D modeling on the spot. In what realm do they hire a person who could be a great artist, and assign them to a position that they know nothing about?

low unemployment and a real economy where actual jobs still exist

>In what realm do they hire a person who could be a great artist
One where they have limited funding, and are willing to bring a cheap, but promising, applicant up to speed.

she applied to lesbian gust workplace.

Teaching someone 3D isn't a big deal if they have a good base as an artist.

The company was run by women.

Japanese companies hire newbies based on vague field, not skill. They expect you to absorb skills they teach you, not bring any to the table.

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She generally is a incredibly skilled artist that worked hard to prove her worth. Also shes young, a conpany could prey on her, and give her horrible hours, and pay, and she wont risk leaving for a while since it's her first job, and wants to prove her self to the conpany, she a safer hire than someone who could negotiate better, or know that they could find better work at a other company. Aoba can be trained to be loyal, also this part of the conpany is run by a turbo lesbian and Aoba cute as fuck, so do the math.

It's not uncommon to see this mentality in America either, though conpanys want degrees, they love to hire young people, cause you cant do shit if they miss treat you, and wont risk it. Even McDonald's, and other slave wage jobs do this, a older person with a working history, and better creditintials is less likely to put up with their shit for long, if they dont have to, vs a young teen hire that doesn't know better.

It's a studio fun by a lesbian cake. Aoba is a young woman with useful skills. You do the math, user.

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She has all the qualifications necessary

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Aoba looks like a loli but actually a hag


These in combination are basically the answer. Getting her to do 3D modelling is not teaching her an entirely unfamiliar subject unrelated to her existing skill/experience as an artist; it's more akin to showing someone who's painted with acrylics and oil paints how to do watercolours, largely the same basic principles apply but there's some differences in specifics and unique capabilities and techniques.

Besides, very few jobs have people truly able to walk in sit down and do it right entirely from their existing knowledge; there's always some level of on-the-job learning that's needed.

Even outside of Japan, countless people wind up in jobs entirely unrelated to the field they studied.

Because she’s an artist not a programmer or manager. I think they actually say that normally they wouldn’t take people straight out of high school but Ko saw potential and said it would be better to bring her in and train her then lose her to a rival company. It payed off too considering a year later Aoba was the character designer for a game.

I wish they would animate the next arc already Narumi redemption as she teams up with Hajime and Nene to make a game behind Eagle Jump’s back is pretty great.

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If you're Hifume and lackadaisically tell your interviewer you like letting older men piss on your tits, you could be appointed director of a nuclear power plant

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