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Just wait

Does sad panda have a way to filter by popularity somehow like Nhentai does?????

>tfw I've already read all the translated vanilla tomboy H-manga worth reading

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does nhentai still have somehow worse looking galleries despite just taking it off of ex?

thats gay, they should implement it somehow

Have you ever thought about not cooming for 5 seconds?

Well now you can start reading good stuff instead

Actually I find better material for certain series' in Nhentai than I do on sadpanda where I have to dig through a sea of shit first.
Before this gets purged, can you FILTER OUT the Yaoi tags in Sadpanda? That's the main reason I don't even feel like using it anymore. I look for Digimon or Heroaca and it's all gay shit

Where the fuck do you think we are?

>not just adding "-yaoi" to your searches

If you could do that, you wouldn't need the site.

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Neck yourself Yas Forums

put me in the screencap.

OP is coming back in like 5 minutes
I know where we are and all, and I'm definitely not in position to judge, but for fucks sake have some self control

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>be on Yas Forums
>be not a coomer

dumb newfaggot redditourist from twatter

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?!?!?!????!?!?1111111

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sadpanda is run by homos

the end of days is upon us

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You know what to do.

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it means you should have checked earlier

>We will be going down for scheduled maintenance soon. Will be back online shortly.
It's up again, for now. Now stop claiming this is the end of the world.

Not really, but it is run by bronies, which is worse.

I thought the brony owner already sold it to someone else?

Are they adding new tags?

try hentainexus or tsumino

they sometimes rip off some of fakku releases

I've been using Hitomi.la for years.
Much prefer the tag system. A lot easier to find what I'm looking for.


And it's back
Good job OP, you went 10 minutes without a wank. Your parents must be proud

Nah, did a big UI update earlier today and kept throwing out 502 errors. I assume they're unfucking that now.

I hate Hitomi.la for having so much ads despite using an adblocker. It keeps opening up new tabs full of ads just for clicking links.

The only thing I don't like about nhentai is that there are tons of duplicate posts with no way to report them to be removed.

Use a good adblocker like uBlock Origin.

I'm no fan of that either, but I vastly prefer the navigation on that site.
Only thing that comes close for me is sadpanda, and I got sick of the hoops I had to jump through every time sadpanda told me to fuck off.

Use you hornyess and join the dark side of Hentai.

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Who cares if some streaming site is down?
Can't get your dubs elsewhere?


you can filter anything below 5 star rating if you want

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>sadpanda started the tomgirl tag
fucking dickheads

>muh 177013

I like the layout but I've always gotten very poor tablet performance there, especially with searches.

How dare you?

Can someone explain the difference between tomgirl and trap?

Hbrowse has pretty specific tags

trap is an offensive term

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