Unpopular opinions thread

I'll start:
tits > legs >>> feet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ass
Sakurasou, Manaria Friends, Gakuen Alice, Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, Strike Witches, Simoun and Houkago no Pleiades are all 10/10 anime.
Gantz was entertaining as fuck.
Trigger never made a good anime.
Fate, Madoka and Monogatari are shit.
Iruma-kun was last season's AOTS.

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>PLEASSE!!! given me attention and validation!

Is your ass too sore after fingering yourself to Astolfo doujinshi, fatefag?

>so mentally ill he has to delude himself into thinking all his baseless assumptions are reality
Ask me how I know you dropped out of high school.

>unpopular opinion
Milk then cereal then bowl.

My favorite anime >>> Your favorite anime

Mawaru Penguindrum is a 10/10 and even without knowing much of the real subway attack you can enjoy of a great show.

Why are Yas Forumsnons angry

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Nopan is overrated

Why? There is something inherently hot about knowing a girl isn't wearing panties

More FFMM endings should exist.

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People who are into nopan keep proclaiming it's superior and claim anyone who doesn't agree is a "pleb". Basically nopanfags are elitists and have superiority complexes.

Pic rel is best waifu

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Try having some actually interesting opinions instead of just "x is good, y is bad" before you try making a thread again. Or posting at all.

That's literally what all unpopular opinion threads are like you idiot

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Oh nice, another general for whiny faggots.

I guess you should stop making them, then.

I guess you should stop being new

and start a dick measuring contest

has no idea what controversial means

OP () is a faggot

And is extremely based.

I genuinely like this character’s design.

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Ringo is underrated and her series started strong but got bland and incoherent.

Bare legs > Pantyhose > Zettai Ryouiki

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don't do this to me I already fapped today

thighs > everything else

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Hellsing Ultimate is an overrated edgefest and Alucard is a Mary Sue.
>inb4 that's the appeal
Yeah, it's cool for the first few episodes. But when the show starts breaking it's own established rules just to have him win, it is no longer cash money. Were it not for those faggots at TFS, half it's current fanbase wouldn't have heard about it.

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*blocks your path*

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ah, yes! the first unpopular opinion in this thread!

I respectfully disagree with you. Alucard isn't really a Mary Sue, since these can't be beaten. Yet Alucard is defeated by Shrodinger in the end. I mean, yeah he comes back....after thirty bloody years.
Sure, Alucard is pretty OP. But so is...well, everyone else? Andersen becomes Tentacle Jesus at one point, Seras can fly (wtf is this bullshit) and Walter's magic strings are fucking bullshit.

I agree on the team four stars issue. Most of the people I talk to online haven't even seen the OVA, let alone read the manga. Literally all they know of Hellsing is the abridged.

>shoots you in the face

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Granted I got introduced to it that way too But I actually got into the series on it's own merits. People just watched the Abridged, then tuned out for a whole year and never cared for the source material. That shit irks me.

Me too, kek.
The Abridged is fun, but if you don't watch the series and then pretend to be a Hellsing fan, you're a bloody heathen.

Berserk is still good and shitposters complain when anyone besides Guts is on panel

>If you ask a japs if steven universe is anime they will say yes.
>Only loser weebs came up with the retarded idea that anime has to be japanese.

>japs get to define what a word means
I don't think you understand who makes the rules, boy. Hint: it's not the Japs.

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That's not an opinion, that's you being a fucking retard.

Anime is animation made in Japan by the Japanese. Not this "subjective" manipulative definition which should be outed as being wrong. The Japanese word for animation is "anime", so yeah, they would call it Steven Universe an "anime", but then they also make a distinction between their own and foreign animation.

Kill yourself.

poast moar best gurl pliz

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