What the fuck was that ending?

What the fuck was that ending?

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>not watching the superior Brotherhood version
It's an anime-original ending.

Brotherhoods ending was garbage

Originals was so much better

What was it? I forget. Ed and Al get separated in different dimensions or something?

They went full retard with the ending. Still better than Shithood tho.

big bad was daddies orignal wife using stones to transfer bodies and get eternal life

humonulus were failed human transmuations

they used al as a stone but it failed and al got ed's body back, ed got al back but went to our world which is the world that powers alchemy in amestris

Aparently the true ending is the movie, episode 51 was just a prologue.

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such a better ending than betahood

I hate this movie because there will never be a continuation of their adventures in Nazi Germany. :c

>Hoeinheim comes back
>Proceeds to job to Dante and fucks off to Germany
>then gets murked by Envy
>his son never even makes it back home, making his efforts completely pointless

ultimate ass-pulling fuckery

It was kino.

>waah happy ending
Fuck off, retard.

Wasn't Conqueror of Shamballa supposed to be a trilogy?

Brotherhood is trash, nigger.

This movies really pisses me off because it had the potential to be fucking kino and wasted it, not to mention it was supposed to be a one cour series but Bones made the writer cut his script to fit a movie.

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ITT: Contrarians trying to say the original FMA had a better ending than the more fleshed-out Brotherhood ending
I will never understand how autistic FMA's Fandom is. The anime was great and all, but it wasn't the second coming of Christ.

You have to remember most of the people fellating the show experienced it while their age was still in the single digits.

I like both 2003 and brotherhood. But I prefer 2003. The atmosphere is generally better throughout the show. Plus Shamballa is a great film and I wish we had gotten a sequel film or a trilogy out of it.

Why was the watch engraving date changed in 03? I always hear people say it's to match up with ww1 but the majority of the story's events still take place in 1914 which already matches up.

Me too but I prefer the Brotherhood ending.

It's what put FMA on the map. All you fags saying how it wasn't true to the manga are all newfags trying to feel cool and I bet a lot of you fags didn't even read it back then or even at all.

Are you contesting that it's faithful to the manga?

2003 anime starts to go downhill writing wise around the Sloth homonculus.
The presentation of the original was amazing because of how dark it was, but its writing was so bad after a certain point.

r u a faggot?

Are you retarded? It's really not faithful to the manga.

Seems like the manga ending is the best.

guess you are a faggot

Weren't you paying attention?
They need to find the nuke that was brought over from Amestris.

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I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that they failed.

Dude alternate universe time traveling nazies homie, don't even trip bro.