At the GA arc is he even human?Like even if he trained everyday with oversized sword since his childhood nobody should be able to lift something 40× bigger than normal swords or even swing it around so hard and fast that it can cleave through plate armour he even have it while mounted on horseback and onehanded there must be an explanation to this that we haven't been given yet

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He's a big guy

because its a manga and not real life

Might be Zodd's kid, might just be an angry guy. The world may never know....

he's half-demon
beast of darkness is a dead giveaway
i don't understand why people still don't realize this

Guts lienge is unknown but due to the uncanny resemblence it might be true however it would just ruin the idea of guts coming from nothing we don't even know his second name for fucks sake
For you

>my headcanon is right
shame we will never know




you have to use headcanon, we will never get an ending.
>don't know either of his parents
>her mother hang herself
>literally born from a dead corpse
>superhuman strength
>interior conflict with a demonlike entity who wants to take over
>said entity isn't even just in his mind but can also be seen by Schierke
If you can't read along the lines THIS hard... He's half-demon or something like that

She didn't hang herself it was most likely a mass execution

it could also be that and why? she got knocked up by a demon and the holy see executed her before she could give birth? i mean guts being half-demon makes so much sense to me tb h

The beast can just as simply be a visualization of his internal struggle.
Miura pulling some shit like Guts being half demon the whole time literally ruins the entire story. It’s so great cause Guts is literally from the lowest of the low and struggles against near gods. It would be such a silly mistake that many authors do and it fails every time.

hur dur secret lineage is one of the worst things a mangaka can pull out of their ass

The brand of sacrifice puts you partway into the interstice where thoughts become real, same as magic and apostles.

Guts inhabits the interstice due to the brand, the realm between dreams and reality. His body and spirit both being re-aligned to the interstice after the branding enables him to perform feats no ordinary man ever could because those that are native to that plane can affect the outcome of their actions with their beliefs. Guts never even questioned if he could or couldn't lift the Dragonslayer, he just did.

I'm talking about PRE ECLIPSE GUTS

Honestly I'm with you on that guts just simply represents humanity at peak condition

>The beast can just as simply be a visualization of his internal struggle.
it could have been if it wasn't for schierke being able to see it and interacting with it. i would agree with you if this didn't happen

It's heavily implied Guts is part demon
>Beast of Darkness
>Born from a Dead Mother
>Ability to escape his own fate outside of causality


this, miura just does a good job at establishing he's strong and has stamina.

Pre Eclipse Guts used oversized swords, but none of the weapons he wielded were as ridiculous as the Dragonslayer, as for cleaving through armor, the weapons he used could technically do that, but you should also accept artistic liberties Miura had taken. On horseback it's definitely not impossible even if hitting an armoured foe.

>Born from a dead mother
Post mortem birth is a very real thing
>Escape fate
He doesn't freewill is a thing sure but it doesn't influence in the grand scheme of things he's just playing along causality

if anything demons would be more under the gods hand control no?

I mean again it can just be a manifestation of his dark personality, dude has had a crazy traumatic life and it could just be simply a split personality thing.
Its a fantasy manga, Schierke being able to interact with guys evil side doesnt mean Guts is a demom

>hur dur secret lineage is one of the worst things a mangaka can pull out of their ass
And that's exactly why it would happen, "generic shonen power up that will kill you if you use it but not really" is one of those things and it already happened when the berserk armor you all love was introduced.

>split personality thing
it's not though. beast of darkness is literally an entity of its own living inside of guts

i wouldn't like it if guts was part demon either but judging from how the story has been laid out it doesn't seem like stretching it at all. i reread the whole manga recently and it's surprising how many little panels talking about how inhuman guts is even before the eclipse there are, couple it with his backstory, the beast of darkness and his strange, out-of-the-boundaries relationship with Casuality and it makes a lot of sense

Recreation of the guts raider sword are pretty hard to weild and swing around it takes more time than in the Manga were guts can redirect his sword in a matter of seconds also we're supposed to believe the guy can hold the dragonslayer because of the mechanical arm.

The beast is also born of the interstice, to understand The Beast, you have to understand the psychology of Guts. After the Eclipse, he declared war upon all apostles and Griffth as well, becoming a soldier in his one man war. To that end he decided to purge any kind of kindness or compassion from himself, knowing that the enemies he will be facing are straight up inhuman monsters that would destroy him the moment he shows any weakness. Guts began intentionally "edging" himself up, saying shit that like edgy teenagers would say and mistreating people he comes across to make himself believe he's a shit person. You can observe it from the way he treats Vargas and Charlotte, even though it makes him feel like shit, he kept telling himself that he's a worse person than he actually is and pressed on deeper and deeper into darkness of his surroundings and his own mind. It was his belief manifest, that he's a bloodthirsty beast, a wolf without a leash that devours everything he comes across, dragging Caska around as a reminder of his grief with him. Eventually Guts moved past that phase, accepting that things aren't as simple, but the self inflicted mental trauma stayed with him and the Berserker armor draws it out.

Tl;dr Guts edged up so hard to kill demons he damn near gave himself a split personality disorder.

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>Recreation of the guts raider sword are pretty hard to weild and swing around
They would be, if you're not Guts. No one on this fucking planet is Guts.

>berserk armor you all love
easy there, guess you have a point though

>beast of darkness is literally an entity of its own living inside of guts
You thinking something doesn’t make it true user, and I agree Guts being a freak of nature is mentioned a lot but again I think he is just supposed to simply
be a that. A lowest of the low human who clawed his way to the top

Pre-eclipse he's just taller, stronger and more skilled than everyone else. The raider sword and that sword he got from Zodd that he used to behead a plate-armored horse are unrealistically big but they're supposed to be used by other very strong human beings in-story.

The dragonslayer is beyond human even in the story, though.

Griffith will use the Becchi to sacrifice Griffith after learning he's part demon.
Everyone talks about how can Guts even lay a finger on Griffith when the answer has been under our noses the entire manga.

Well berserk stopped being itself after the Eclipse anyway i just hope for the almighty lord in heaven that this series have a tragic ending I'm not sure that it will due to it status after the GA arc but i hope so it just complints the nature of the story if guts can take out the godhand or "escape fate" I'm dropping it

this is just not true. come on now. being 10 cm taller doesn't make swing a hundreds of pounds sword at mach 1 and there were tons of characters bigger than guts in golden age


I meant Guts Lol.
Guts will use Becchi to sacrifice Griffith

Griffith is the most important thing to Guts still

There's though the 14th century dutch raider grutte peir was 7ft tall and bigger but yes ultimately guts after the Eclipse is stronger

I don't think being a rapebaby from some dead whore Zodd raped would go against this

Whole sacrifice thing is sacrificing to the God Hand though, which Griffith is part of now. Plus Guts is branded, chances are he can’t sacrifice anyone

That's pretty retarded the Eclipse can't happen until 2 centuries and the item is implied to not be for him

he is a human, right down to the marrow of his bones
dont lump him together with some faggot ass monsters

Guts can totally make a sacrifice. Slan egged him onto doing in in Qliphoth to escape her torture. You just can't sacrifice someone who has already been branded, and I doubt sacrificing another Apostle or a member of the Godhand is allowed.

the explanation is that it's fantasy.

This,It's just that the brand give him slightly pseudo magic powers nothing more really

Miura is building up Guts as the only person outside of casuality the whole manga though.
I just don't see how can Guts even approach Griffith, and he would need a power-up so big it would be retarded especially after he got the Berserker armor which was the strongest fetish of Flora (hinted to be one of the strongest mages in the series)
Sacrificing Griffith just sounds like the most plausible ending to it, even now after he got Casca back he still hasn't forgotten about Griffith, they're like 2 faces of the same coin. I don't agree with the people saying Casca is the most important thing to Guts, Griffith is, and a Crimson Behelit ending would make a lot of sense

hey, I like faggot ass monsters.

>the item is implied to not be for him
Who else can it be?

>Like even if he trained everyday with oversized sword since his childhood nobody should be able to lift something 40× bigger than normal swords