Kimetsu no Yaiba

Spoiler soon.
Which potato do you like most

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The Nezuko potatoes are pretty good

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I don't really like potato desu. But Tohru pulla it off great.

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>3 year time skip

What the fuck?


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Now that KnY is coming to and end, what next for Wani?

What is that abomination

I know they are very similar, but this isn't a thread about Naruto.

Kny LNs, prequels and movies.

Full AU Kimetsu academy series

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I would love to know how Tengen ended up wrangling 3 wives

Honest to god I'd sell my soul for that shit

I'm fine with this.

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The manga basically describes him as a perfect male specimen, it's not hard to imagine how

I wish
Spoilers next week

>He began hurling his students

Physically, he may be perfect, but in terms of personality, Tanjirou is unmatched

And then you have autistic wrecks like Giyuu

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The art teacher plugging three of the lunch ladies is too real

>is literally a dumb autistic country bumpkin hick

Mark aids killing him in a few years is a blessing for him honestly
I very much doubt he could function in society

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>insulting rugged mountain boys
t. seething urbanite

Gyokko and Hantengu are already in the AU

I miss Haganezuka


one piece spoiler was out which is a good sign that other will get early spoiler from usual leakers as well. it's golden week issue so they probably want to finish printing and distributing before long holiday

Your thread is dying, user.
Let's hope these beautiful doctors can heal it.

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Smile wide, and maybe Kanae will bless you?

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