Why is religion so demonized in Japan? Are christian knights really the symbol of all evil?

Why is religion so demonized in Japan? Are christian knights really the symbol of all evil?

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Christians are subversive troublemakers who had to be killed for the good of the realm

>christian knights
all are subhuman

>Are christian knights really the symbol of all evil?
yes, and there's nothing wrong with portraying this


But why Christianity-themed soldiers only? What about, say, middle-eastern armies?

I don't know what the context for this panel is, but I think that claiming that Christianity is "demonized" in Japan is a bit silly. There's tons of works where Christianity is not used as an antagonistic figure at all. Usually a lot of imagery isn't really meant to be taken seriously, because it is just incidental or made for entertainment. If you're a Japanese person making something for fun about the middle ages, the purpose usually isn't to care about accuracy or implications, but just to make something work or feel cool.

Legitimate answer? Cause it's easy to make fun of something people widely recognize and is already disliked for being true

Long story short, Christianity was pretty much singlehandedly responsible for Japan's isolationist period. It was intensely disruptive from a moral, social, and political standpoint and the Portuguese saying "we'll only sell these war-winning weapons and medicines to you if you abandon your faith and join ours, BRB gonna preach to your uppity peasants about how all those ancestors you revere are in hell because they died unshriven." won them no favor. The only reason they ever got a foot in the door was "at least they aren't profligate hypocrites like the Buddhists.“

Wait, wasn't that the jews?

they don't give a shit about Christianity
so they'll portray it in a far more negative light than a western work would

Japanese Western fantasy
>The church is bad

Normal Western fantasy
>The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work; unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision. That is why I have not put in, or have cut out, practically all references to anything like 'religion', to cults or practices, in the imaginary world. For the religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism. -JRR Tolkien

nice try
wrong thread

Offset of Jews who terrorized and colonized the world

So yeah

Because japs already have a dislike for Christians and don't have much experience with Middle Easterners?

When I was in college I took a couple semesters of Japanese for my mandatory language credit. The professor was a Japanese guy who moved to the US with a translation job for a company, and after retiring he decided to take a small teaching gig to fill his time.

He had some hilarious rants about the differences of US and Japanese culture.

>Why is it that most people in the US claim to be Christians, but they don't pray or go to church. But in Japan everyone says they're atheists, yet they'll stop at shrines, make offerings, and say prayers constantly.
>"How do you say 'bless you' in Japanese when someone sneezes?" Why the hell would you say anything? People sneeze, it's part of life. The sensible thing is to not say anything at all because no one cares.


Well, that's going to change a lot once immigration rates go up.

That's retarded
People say "bless you" when someone sneezes because of traditional beliefs
People go to shrines and make offerings in NY because of traditional beliefs
They're the same thing

Nah, the Jesuits. They were initially well received because they were austere and endorsedaan orderly way of life, then more mainstream catholics started to roll in.

So he's speaking as an atheist who looks down on other people's way of life.

>Why is religion so demonized in Japan?
Is it? Most don't really care, not even for their own shit outside of ingrained rituals, though of course there are some fanatics that might dislike it because of either old shit from 500 years ago or because it's not a native Japanese religion. In reality their religion, like most of the world, is capitalism and consumerism.
>Are christian knights really the symbol of all evil?
It's an easy inversion, just like having priests and the church always being cartoonishly bad. Some of it could be a resentment of the West and lionising Japanese and Eastern folk religions and institutions, but it's mostly just lazy storytelling and copy-pasting the same tropes over and over again because fuck you it still sells.

because mocking islam will cause retaliations, and Japan won't mock Japanese stuff like shinto or their own countless scamming sects

He's spot fucking on about sneezing. It's a bodily function, it doesn't need any sort of comment.

>another "atheism means no religion" rant
Good thing he was only a language "professor" and one in philosophy or religion

Agreed, ejaculating is just a bodily function, why the fuck does everyone make a big deal when I let one out in public? It's part of life, get over it.

muslims sided with them in ww2 and also never sent missionaries to, in their eyes, subvert them
you dumb schizoid protestant mutt arent even christian

it started as a superstition to stop the plague. Berfore that poeple got scared you were gonna die, or be possessed by a demon
Saying bless you is now a matter of politeness

>Are christian knights really the symbol of all evil?
Did you sleep through your history classes?

Because Christians aren't petty enough to make a fuss about being portrayed evil in fictions

What's exactly good about Christianity when it's forced down your throat at swordpoint?

1.japan actually had a history with christians in their countries dating back from samurai times
2. Japan finds Christian imagery like crosses and Christian Knights cool and threatening compared to anything islam has to offer
3.Christian imagery ties to European medieval fantasy which nips love

Because Japan has a history with annoying Christcucks, in fact most places on earth had a problem with missionaries at some point in history. Recent example: that one retard that got his ass shot full of arrows trying to spread that retardation to that Indian island.

I would respond "Then why the fuck do you use out wedding ceremonies?"

Pretty based. Whatever form of heretical Christianity the amerimutt have, it's nothing like what Christianity actually is.

Can't fucking wait for my Latino bros to replace those dumb heretic mutts.

Christians destroy culture.