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Did you forget her?

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I didn't but the industry did.

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I'm currently watching this.

Bocchi's strong today so she's not going to get upset by your slander.

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I remembered bocchi as soon as I woke up this morning and kept watching the ending song

That ED has so much soul

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I've been binging shows about cute shy girls, Bocchi is my favorite that i've seen so far. Sadly i've run out so i'm going to rewatch some stuff i haven't seen in a while.

I can't believe Bocchi and the Colors are fucking dead...

Bocchi's super strong so there's no way she can be dead!

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Strong considering she can't afford food from a lack of roles.

She's always got night work to fall back on.

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i don't know who that is but I didn't forget Rem

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She's Bocchi

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sorry im not interested

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I'm I a bad person for wanting to fuck Bocchi?
Gently, of course, but I still wanna do it.

Trying to take baby steps. Is it "Watashi Hitori Bocchi" or "Hitori Bocchi desu"?

I think characters usually use "watashi" when they're meant to be intimidatingly informal. I remember hearing it from Akaba Reiji.

What happened to Bocchi's VA?

Only does phone games. No social media to ask.

Bocchi always says "Hitori Bocchi desu"
she's very formal.

I will never forget my best friend Bocchi.

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The fuck is up with Nako's smile?
What did Bocc do to her?

She's starving

Intimidation. It's not the best art, but I think it's cute.

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Is she still doing those phone games or did they die?

For what?