How the FUCK do you escape from this?

How the FUCK do you escape from this?

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literally impossible.
legs are 2 times stronger than arms
women's thighs are 2 times stronger than male's

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Sink my teeth DEEP into that thigh meat and don't let go until I rip out a chunk of flesh.


twist the foot, bitch wont know how to fight for the leg.

Is that true? that doesn't sound true

it's true don't worry about it.

Stick my fingers into her pussy and asshole

I do worry about you spreading false information. You make is sound like women have a snakes lower half that constricts people.

Kinda, women do have stronger thighs on average but only slightly, like 5% and it has to do with the fact that women have bigger thighs (and thus more muscle) on average. If you take two athletes then no, it's not true.

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They do. They wrap around you, preventing you from pulling out. But it is not you who is constricted but your wallet for the next 20 or so years.

Considering most of the mass in her thighs is likely fat and not muscle I don't think it'd be hard.

Eh, maybe not because men have higher testosterone. But women have a stronger lower body relative to their upper body when compared to men so they can have an easier time during childbirth.

How do we prevent women from finding this out? They can't find out about this or it's over for us men.

you turn around and go towards the fish smell. grip will release

Anyone else play BJJ? It's a body triangle but around neck and arm. Can't roll right because her right foot is a post. Can't roll left because her left arm is a post. I just had my wife try it. Since both hands are free you can try an ankle lock. But you have to be fast because it's a blood choke, you might go out faster than you can apply the ankle lock. And that doesn't guarantee she'll tap.
Another idea is to grab her left knee and pull it down (you need to stop the choke somehow) and bridge with your head and shoulders. Then rotate to your right, towards her ankles and break the body triangle. This was fun for me to think about. Academy has been closed for a while so I've been friending to roll.

She doesn't have the full reverse head triangle in here.

If he twists his head down and into her tail bone while pushing the leg off that he is grabbing while turning onto his left elbow keeping hips off the ground and then pivot off his toes into turtle, then he has escaped.

Sorry to take joke literal, but my BJJ kicked in when i read the question.

Better question is how about this?

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Punch the cunt in the face.
Tear a chunk out of her leg.
Stab her in the eyes.
Anything, really. Infinite ways.

BJJ1 here i see we have a contradiction here.

Osu! Explain twisting head down into her tail bone? I don't see anyone rotating inside that triangle.

I disagree about rotating left. Why not right, where the ankles meet?

BJJ 1 here
inside her left thigh has a window of oppourtunity to escape. We live drilled this a few times as a escape scenario.


Its a matter of sliding down quick enough.

Hmm. You might be right. And for the sake of discussion, let's say it's no-gi. While rotating left, I'd want some kind of control over the right foot/ankle. But careful not to make the lock tighter. I'm thinking she'd want to grab her right foot and/or pull her knee in to tighten it

Also i meant that refering to the mirror of image mb.

what the fuck does bjj1 mean stfu before i oil check you irl and make you cum skinnyfat scrub

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I guess I'll call myself BJJ2. Hello

In that regard she would want to climb up more on him to get more leverage with hips as well. not just the legs.


Can't tell from the drawing but it makes a big difference if the lock js below the armpit or above it. If it's below the armpit, it's a body triangle really high up, and there's not many good options. If it's above the armpit, then bridging and rotating as you described will have a better chance. What would Roberto Gordo Correa do?

Osu, hello BJJ commerade.

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I see what you mean, the problem is that we cant see behind whether or not shes being lazy or really tight on it. Though from doing a bit of art i think its meant to be under armpit but instead converges slightly above. Artist mistake i guess?

I just looked at drawing more closely. Look at her right hand/arm. It could be grabbing her right ankle. And she's posted with her left. My thought is:
>Grab her right wrist with your right hand
>Grab her knee with your left hand and pull down
>Bridge with head/shoulders into her stomach
All three should give enough space
>Rotate left as you described
>Land on left elbow (still controlling her left knee) while keeping up the rotation.
You either end up turtling? Or keep going and take her back.

also no discolouration so maybe just painful and weird for the guy?

Yeah pretty much, damn that's really detailed, well done. What belt are you?

Great thread. I hope to remember to ask professor or one of the coaches about this.

That doesn't look like Yuuta

I'm white belt with one stripe lol. But I train at Renzo's if that means anything (sorry, won't tell you which one)

I volunteer to test women's thigh strength.
For science.

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The leg wrap is already unironically a common technique if we're talking her trying to get knocked up sneakily. It's already over for us men.

I don't know anything about leg locks. There's a coach who loves them but I can never seem to make his classes.

Nice, I am a white belt 4 stripes trained at one point with Ron. If that means anything. :)