Meanwhile in little boy Yas Forums

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What type are YOU?

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Used to be Smart and nerdy, then I had a growth spurt, got into martial arts and fucked up my leg in a car crash.

I guess I did fit glasses Shota.

Hyper and a pervert.

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I'm too shy to say

>this thread

Imagine being an actual Pedophile.

My first crush was the Princess from Little Nemo, and I self inserted as Nemo. And nothing has changed.

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Faggots are a scourge on earth DO IT AGAIN GOD

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Ara ara~, I heard there were some cute little boys in here. Why don't you come with me and let Onee-san teach you a fun game?

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This is a mafumafu thread now

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I'm flattered, but I actually prefer younger women. Nice numbers, though.

What sort of game, old lady?

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It's a fun kind of game where you get to move your body in all sorts of ways.

Are you sure? It really is better the more players there are.

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i am not gay so i would like to take
Shy, Magical, Trap, Hyper and maybe Serious and Rich.
oh also Nice seems Nice

>40 year old faggots larp as anime women to veil their faggotry

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>can't appreciate some good ol' /ss/ without thinking of 40-year old men
I think you're the faggot here buddy.

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You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Little boy Yas Forums is clearly quite unsafe.

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How goes it, fellow dudes?

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I’m a 19 year old female and in this thread...


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Well? What's the secret?

Posting in a highly questionable thread.

user girls don't exist here who do you think fucking lust over underaged boys?
Tits or gtfo

Fuck, bros, I have the personality of Shy mixed with Hyper but I hit every bullet point under Smart shota. What am I, aside from a piece of shit? And where do I find myself a Nice shota bf?

He stole his own girlfriend from himself.

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>What am I, aside from a piece of shit?
Moderately more self aware than the average Yas Forumsposter.

>where do I find myself a Nice shota bf?
Travel back in time and seduce yourself. Duh.

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Where do you think you are? There's nothing wrong with little girls pretending to be little boys.

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You're breaking my heart with that image. It's like looking at an old photo of happier times.

For-fun threads get you banned these days. There is no hope.

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did someone update this?
i feel like /soc/ didn't exist when i first saw it