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He did nothing wrong

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What would happen if he just rejected the God Hands' offer?

He should've accepted death

Raping casca was unnecessary and objectively wrong

it was wrong, but not entirely unnecessary, it was the best way to celebrate his new life by defiling his old one
now why a god would even need to do that is up for debate, but it makes sense from his perspective

He would never do that. That's kinda the point with all the causality bullshit.
For real though he probably would have died.

Only fucking Casca with a fresh Brand of Sacrifice in front of Guts was doing anything bad.

The Hawks explicitly gave their lives to him and how exactly they were spent was no longer up to them. I felt this way even before getting into the series and despite my newfound attachment to Pippin, Gaston and Judeau especially making it regretful, it has not changed.

He literally did it to spite Guts

The Band of the Hawk was already willing to sacrifice their lives on the battlefield to achieve his goals. What more is the eclipse than an alternate way of achieving just that?

And because he tried to do it before and literally couldn't with his helpless body.

Not justifying his actions in the slightest, but I got it. He knew she loved him, but if he knew Guts loved her by that point, it was wrong and he also made her suffer just to get back at him.

Exactly. We're already shown he can still complete the sacrifice and be reborn without everyone actually dying as with Guts and Casca. It's just absolutely cruel how he showed no remorse about basically feeding them to an entire world of demons after everything.

I've come to realize that Berserk is actually pretty childish because it reduces the Band Of The Hawk to a bunch of dumb caricatures besides Casca, Griffith, and Guts. So when Griffith gives his dumb shpiel about dreams, it's actually true because only such stupid characters would fall for his shit.

The Eclipse would end. However, it was like a 99.999999% chance he would accept it, because large events are predestined by causality through the movements of the behelits, and Griffith built himself up into the exact person that would become Femto.

>Goal is to obtain his own kingdom
>Starts a mercenary band to acquire status and prestige through military conquest
>Knows that the people who joined him are throwing away their lives for his dream, as well as the people he and the Band have killed, and he has no choice but to pile up their corpses and continue building a tower towards his dream
>Hit rock bottom from losing control of Guts, the Band losing their status and going back to literal square 1 as a bunch of thieves, the Band being reduced to a fifth of its size, being imprisoned and having his tendons cut and his tongue cut out, losing the Crimson Behelit
>As a result he can't walk on his own or even talk, and can no longer make decisions or command the Band of the Hawk
>Guts and Casca, his two most trusted commanders, were also thinking of abandoning it and taking him with them to lead a quiet life somewhere
>His vision of said quiet life has him still paralyzed and mute, sitting in a chair while his kids run around in a small house
>His vision of the future as he is
>He finds the Crimson Behelit again, a charm of good luck
>The Godhand reminds him of all this and that all his companions have already devoted to giving their lives to him and his dream and he's not without blood on his hands already, and is willing to do anything to reach that dream
>And all he has to do now to change everything is to utter two words in his heart: "I sacrifice."

All of the Golden Age was essentially an extended buildup ritual for the Eclipse. The Hundred-Years War, the political assassinations, the year of torture, and the escape. All to build his ambitions and then collapse it, so that he may herald the dark festival of blood within the nightmare vortex.

>puts points into charisma
nothing personal kid

guts stands no chance against griffith

why yes I am the worst character in the show
how did you know

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pussy way out

It's funny how she arguably caused the Imitation Eclipse and then survived it.

The only way Griffith can redeem himself is if he destroys the G-Hand and the Idea of Evil.
I think he will probably do it with Guts help.

This poster is wise and the rest of you should study these words. When you think about things only from Guts' point of view (don't think about it at all, the source of most of Guts' problems), then Griffith's behavior comes across as a betrayal.

But if you think about Griffith at all, he did what he ought to do according to the moral system he'd already demonstrated. He did what Casca loved him for. He did exactly what Guts knew Griffith would do when Guts decided to leave.

Remember the panel with the camp fires all being consumed by Griffith's fire.

but why would he do this

itt: plebbitors from the storytime thread talking about their entry-level manga

running a country is boring

Unlike the other sephirots, "Desire" is unending, and exponential in growth. It's not enough now that Griffith has to have his own kingdom, he has to have the GRANDEST kingdom in history, where EVERYONE IN THE WORLD lives, and due to the fantasy monsters all attacking every other settlement on the planet, the ONLY place in the world where humanity can live safely.

He's now not only the king of his kingdom, but effectively the king of the world. And you really think he'll settle for just that?

I hate sonya
I really hate her

It was because of Guts that he tortured and castrated so it's pretty justified that he fucks with Guts back.

>Guts fault that he slept with the Princess and got caught like a dummy
>Guts fault that he shit-talked and mindfucked the King when if he had acted in a logical manner (as he would have done in the past) and kissed his ass he might have gotten off without extreme torture

No, it's his own fucking fault. He wasn't able to realize Guts was doing exactly what he would or he couldn't accept it and then he doesn't even get away from the palace immediately after fucking the princess then talks shit and makes the king absolutely merciless towards him.

It's Griffith's own fault.

Stop simping for guts or casca
Grifith made the right call
simple as

We're not you fucking idiot. Even plenty of non anons say he only crossed the line with what he first did as Femto.

He could have been reveling in doing what he couldn't with his old ruined body, but first and foremost, he just wanted to hurt Guts for leaving to become independent and he even came back with the Hawks for him.

Griffith's own weakness caused his death - that's the whole premise of the story. Guts says this over and over - if you die, it's because you were too weak to live.
>bloo bloo the Hawks gave him his life
True, but you're forgetting two things
>Guts won his life back from Griffith
>Casca threw herself off the cliff, but was saved by Guts
The reason those two survived the eclipse is because the author went to great pains to communicate to you idiots that their lives no longer belonged to Griffith - Guts is his own man since that fight on the hill, and Casca is his girl.
The rape was 100% to spite the man who had surpassed his human form but taking the only person he loved right before his eyes. It was purely malicious. Neither of those lives were his to take.
So yeah, he will 100% deserve it when Guts lops off his head, assuming the authoer doesnt fucking die first.