Who would you rather have as your companion?

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Aqua for angry sex.


Aqua is useless


Only 2 of those 3 put out.


Middle Megu.

>she'll let you do anything to her
>she will never get hurt because max CON
It's that even a question?

Megumin looks like a 5-year-old boy.

>Has power but is completely stupid, bratty, and full of herself
>Most stamina and dependable, but useless in a real fight as anything other than a shield
>Near instant-kill move that she can only use once

I would pick megu but have her actually stack magic points so she can cast more explosions

I want to fuck that 5 year old boy

Darkness actually is a pure pervert and kazuma had to try and guide her when she tried raping him

>other girls get tired
>Darkness' ass can be pounded literally all day

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Aqua has all of those amazing abilities and still manages to fuck things up more than she helps, she is beyond useless

my cutewife megumin of course


Darkness ofc

Anybody who picked Aqua deserves to be buried in debt due to her retarded decisions

I would beat the shit out of Darkness every day.

Aqua obviously. Despite the fact that she is annoying, she is more useful that the two bitches. And I can fuck her all day

I’d rather pound her abs desu. Plus she’d enjoy it too

>she is more useful that the two bitches

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She probaly into ntr so thats a hard pass for me. Also probably look like roast beef too.

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>incredibly high damage absorb skill

That's fucking OP

>brings back the dead
That's good because she canonically gets people killed.
Because I drinking water the entirety of my life. Good job fucking over your own cult city though.
>turns undead
Attracts undead. Literally creates undead attack events even while she sleeps.
>can summon fish
Ahhh good, Megumin can make another species extinct.

only the best

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What if they don't consent

Wiz. All the curves of Darkness without the crazy, with the utility of a well-rounded spellcaster, and probably enough magic knowledge to make breeding viable.

This. God tier tanks make bosses look like retards.

Kazuma is a fag for not claiming all 3 of em

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If she was only annoying, I'd agree. But her stupidity makes her at least as much liability as she is asset so all up she's not worthwhile. Darkness is a good meat shield, but having absolutely no offsense is not a strategy that works. So the choice has to be Megumin.