Another week and another thread goes by. SYD thread

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There was a guy doing scans on md guess he got corona or something

I guess he stopped because the scripts weren't pr'd.

trying to do a quick proof of 557, what is p4:7 栗鳥前ー some sort of stop? or chestnut collection bird?

found this while searching
It seems there are imbedded puns that arent't being the place names.

OK so from what google TL tells me they think the lack of dirty jokes or tsukomi in the chapter is a cover for jokes in the background
signs or placenames or something
clearly visible shop sign 「定食穴*」they think the symbol on the end looks like an arsehole
so I guess it's "set meal hole then implying anus"?
Chestnut bird...what was that joke from the chestnut picking chapter

栗 chestnut
鳥 bird
前 6. privates; private parts前-1
Is he using chestnut as a cover for anus again?

can kuri imply female genitalia?

ok a PR'd version of 557

Remember to stay healthy Yas Forums

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Wash your hands. Wash your holes.

wash your hands again after you wash your holes

Post your favorite panels

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Raws came out yesterday, so I got this earlier.


Tips on those not physically fit

They're trying to go bouldering today.

Fufufu, my arms are roaring ready.

Okay, stretches first.
Yeah, that's right.

Your knees are roaring too.

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Oh I asked him to stop temporarily since everything from 557 wasn't PR'd and I needed to figure out what happened to the other TS and edit user. But I also said that if they're a no show this week he can keep going.

what if it's not technically a panel-panel?

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Don't matter

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I find this panel heartwarming

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Comic 1

There sure are a lot of rock shapes, huh.
[bottom] Experienced
They're called holds.

Also, the ones with these large holes are called "jugs"
And they're recommended for beginners since you can hold them with both hands.


You're right. These jugs are so huge I can put all my fingers on them. [I used the English term for ガバ because apparently it's an actual term, but ガバガバ is also japanese for something being "oversized." The original joke was how the hole (aka vagina) was so big that she could fit all her fingers in, but "jugs" can also be sexual so it kind of works. I hate puns. Does anyone have any advice?]
Why are you blushing when you say that?

Comic 2

Kotomi, you're not going up?

I'm scared.
Oh so now you're scared?

Maybe the rocks will break with my grip strength.
Aren't you overestimating yourself there?

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Comic 1
Slowly going up

Good, good.
You got good senses, Kotomi-chan.

I'm the type who strives after being complimented.

By the way, Taka-nii strives after being insulted.

Oh come on, you pig.
Don't let the turtle leave the groin.
He's improving.
Suzu head

Comic 2
If only it was more tube-ish

Straw breathing
A breathing method where you use a straw to restrict your breathing and elevate your performance.

It's very important in sports to have the correct breathing.
I see.

But we have no straws we can use.
Fufufu, I thought you would say that.

So I got some penetrating type onaholes here.
Those aren't straws!!

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Comic 1
The hand of puberty



Are you okay?

Ah~ My hand's all sticky from sweat now
Sensitive about that part ->

Comic 2
Kotomi leveled up

Bouldering sure is fun.
It's kinda addicting.

Now I feel like my muscles have leveled up!!

The next day
Judo dojo.

Too heavy. Can't carry...
Muscle fatigue ->

[endnote] Stuff we learned from the bouldering experience. We can actually tell the difference in girl member cup sizes!!

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>only start working on something again when someone else does

Ebin. I really hope you're larping and you aren't actually 10 chapters behind for dumb shit like this

what can I say....

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Uomi > Shino

Like I said, it's just a final confirmation thing. If the usual people are a no show today, then I'll go ahead and green light since everyone's actually dead and not just waiting. Unless my understanding of this whole thing is screwed up and it's first come first serve.

Actually it's more like I got insecure because this is a pun heavy manga and I'm more afraid of screwing them up in the final version. Stuff like .

They’re both good characters

Could you continue doing Imouto? Hopefully the other editanon won't mind working on it.

Sure no problem. It's relatively early now anyways.

Are the normal edit user and typeset user here?