Meanwhile, in little girl Yas Forums

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im a horny little girl where are all the oniichans at

Nothing changes

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tis been over a decade since I saw someone post or talk about this.

Why aren’t the fat, bald, smelly men with huge cocks following me? I mean I dressed in my school clothes and wandered around town acting lost so why hasn’t any of them “tricked” me into an alley and “raped” me yet? I even went without panties and I know one of them was looking, but when I looked up he blushed and ran away.

*Whips out dick*


What a fucking cuck.

Girls I need help!
A couple of hours ago blood started coming out of my puss puss D: I dont know what to do Im scared, Im afraid that if I tell oniisan he'll get mad at me and stop loving me >_< , but I also fear for my health , also I dont know what to do with my bear panties that got stained with blood >:(
Will I die? Has this happened to anyone else here? What should I do? :(

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You'll die if you don't have sex tonight.

I watched it and dropped it on episode 2 about two years ago.
Dunno if it was good back when it aired, but it sure wasn't for me.

It was weird.
Not bad, not good, just weird. Or that's what I recall the most. And its OP and ED, good anime-y songs of the weird type.

This is just normal Yas Forums

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Because you're shit! SHIT!

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I love you, Yas Forums!

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lmao, what a bunch of actual Pedophiles

what where

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I love you too Mikan

>Little girl pedophiles
Lewd little girls corrupting even younger kids? I'd watch it.

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>closet trannies

This is correct.

Nice, haven't seen this in a while.

Morons and newfags.

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Nah, you look like a bi

So... normal Yas Forums?

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Technically all children are pedophiles.

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