Omelette WHEN? Did Corona chan strike?

Omelette WHEN? Did Corona chan strike?

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Yes, egg died of Corona.

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It's not fair tkmiz bros...

Rip in peace egg

Who noticed this before seeing it in the Yas Forums thread?

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what's not fair?

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That the release thread died before reaching 500 posts.

Pretty sure it did though. People were shitposting for the last dozen or so posts to try and get the last one. Though the thread was half over by the time the chapter was posted. Maybe you mean another thread.

Aaaa I love booko and her floaty books

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RIP comfy shroom thread

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book girl seems really nice so far.

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Pretty girls don't have to go to class.

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Is that Lain?

Thread last night reached the bump limit though?

I hope SS stays as an offbeat SoL instead of getting horribly depressing, but knowing tkmiz that's not likely

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Tkmiz deleted his latest tweet why

Is this a subtle jab at christianity lol

Can majime actually control her temperature or is it just a little joke. I mean there's steam coming off from her egg

I think it's more a jab at modern Christians never actually having analyzed the Bible beyond what their pastor tells them it's about

Gib Mogawa gf pls

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>imagine being stuck with ms mogawa in the hole

Haha she would have to get super close to me Haha

I didn't get to see it, what was it about?

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A girl and a cucumber? He deleted that?

Didnt he delete a similar drawing to this like last year. It was the exact same character with a cucumber. Wonder why

Yeah. I dont want to think that he deleted it because westerners kept saying picke rick or whatever lol

>Funniest shit I've ever seen

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I wonder what she was going to do with that big, long, girthy cuke

Book is so pretty and smart.

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Book is a pseudointellectual that likes Nietzsche.

She does seem pretty happy about it

You can read classical literature without being a pseud maybe

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Filthy gaijin ruining everything