How would your family react to you marrying a choco elf? Assume this is party of non-humans being revealed at large

How would your family react to you marrying a choco elf? Assume this is party of non-humans being revealed at large.

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At this point. I'm pretty sure they'd just be glad I married.

It's the end goal

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nigga, if that shit existed and wanted me to farm her, I couldn't give less of a fuck about what my parents thought of it.

Why would she fuck me? I’m not a buff warrior with a grizzled past.

Happy I actually somehow decided to find love and my stepdad especially proud it was such a smoking hot exotic beauty.

But your children wouldn't even be human.

>Huh, I thought you were gay.
My parents don't think I am a loser incapable of finding a lady, they think I am gay.

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Whatever that shit is mixing into my genes, it damn sure looks higher quality than my contribution.

They'd be cute hafu elfus.

My mother was a Tolkien nerd before it was cool and my father was a science fiction author. Bringing home an elf waifu? They'd fucking celebrate for weeks.

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user.....are they alright?

My mom freaking loves elves she would probably hurl me to outer space with joy.

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To be fair, the less of my genes the better.

I literally just had a conversation on how people mosty look at you for what you have, and since I dont even have a personality it will probably take a good while until I find someone worth it. They'd be delighted with who ever except if it was a man or a gold digger.

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Well, as alright as being 80 years old and retired. I'm an oldfag and they had kids late in life.

My children won't even exist at this rate anyway.

Just pay a surrogate. Make sure to pick a country that will respect contract law.

What about a Succubus instead?

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The boomer generation of mexicans can be surprisingly subtly racist. And that's all I have to say about that.

Will there be grandchildren?

Yes, they will be Succubi.

Brown elves are for pump and dump, not for marrying.

Yeah, she has already had her fun with BOC, human Chads and Jamals, even a few tentacle monsters, but now she needs to settledown. She should still have her looks for 130 more years.

>Get this filthy nigger out of my house, son

>hybrid vigor half elf mini-me’s
Sign me the fuck up

But OP, I've already married something more reviled than any elf could ever be. I married a Chinese woman.

My mom already told me to avoid black people, let alone marry one.

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Fuck off, Ed.

>Hahah outdated world views & racism yeah!
Return & never return.

It's funny how they are openly racist while thinking they are not.