Watched it yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot...

Watched it yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot. The only reason I put it off was because people kept saying some bullshit about melodrama, which is a blatant lie. Guess I know who's opinion to ignore from now on.

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This place is the worst when it comes to taste.
That being said, I didn't enjoy Sora Yori.

Stop posting this time flop.

Keep posting this masterpiece

Who was your favorite girl?


Remember folks. Don't feed them.

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only one right choice

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Good taste

Weird how it just suddenly ended after the baseball part though.

Best anime of 2018 by far

Factually incorrect.
>bad animation
>extremely unattractive character designs
>3DPD-tier character personalities
>infinite amounts of forced drama
>mood whiplashes
>unfunny comedy
>bad direction that pretends to be good but fails
>NGNL poster placement (we also made this show, you guys; please buy this anime)
>appalling sound design
>miraculously working laptop
>not even enjoyable to watch
>insert songs
>the "haircut" trope to mask Jukki Hackada's inability to write
>leaving the money in Antarctica because "sentimental value"
Yorimoi is a melodrama overrated by e-celebs. Its attempts at serious storytelling and directing come off as forced. It fails to narrate Shirase's growth properly, relying on the classic "haircut" trope taken straight from Nisio Isin, because the writer (Jukki Hanada) had to find a way to develop a character despite his lack of talent. I feel that series is an insult to the industry, as it's a completely manufactured product, akin to Bollywood movies. It's full of mood whiplashes and it fails to maintain a tone for more than 5 minutes. I despise that series.

Meanwhile Violet Evergarden has the following:
>superior animation
>superior sound design
>superior OST
>superior character acting
>superior direction
>superior protagonist development and subversion
>superior supporting cast
>superior pretenses
>superior messages
>superior setting
>superior narrative
>superior catharsis

Violet Evergarden is the actual best anime of 2018. Yorimoi is just an animated J-drama that doesn't take advantage of its medium.

Based kyoanifag

based and VEG-pilled


Why do you keep spamming? This show was cheap, boring shit.


lel. masterpiece of shit

were is a good place to go when it comes to taste?

>bad direction that pretends to be good but fails

Only remotely correct thing in this list. Also what is with the sperg fixation on the haircut, it seemed like a fairly minor detail to me.

pic unrelated

Gay copypasta but I'll bite
>Unattractive character designs
Maybe to you fag
>3DPD-tier character personalities
They were all fun, had different goals and had their own growths
>Infinite amounts of forced drama
Not a real point just buzzwords and false
>Mood whiplashes
Again just putting words together that nobody can disprove because it's not a real argument
>Unfunny comedy
Wasn't a hilarious show but it was comfy
>Bad direction that pretends to be good but fails
It was good, pretending to be good doesn't exist everybody tries their best to be good. No director goes "Let's pretend to be good"
>NGNL poster placement
Who cares
>Appalling sound design
Hit me with some soundbytes
>Miraculously working laptop
You haven't considered they charged it during the scene change but didn't show it to break the flow?
>Not even enjoyable to watch
For you because you're a fag assumably
>Insert songs
"Insert songs" Not negative at all, and they were especially good in this show
>The "haircut" trope to mask Jukki Hackada's inability to write
Just because a character develops and then also applies a trope doesn't mean their entire development is just that trope.
>Leaving the money in Antartica because "sentimental value"
Yea because it ties into the message of the story. Are you jewish?
>Overrated by e-celebs
Go back to watching your e-celebs then

Sent an email without the attachment

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It's the worse and cheapest cliche Japan has by far.

I'll be the first to admit I need to >watch more anime, however I dont think I would care regardless how many times it cropped up, again fairly minor detail, to me at least.

Just form your own opinion.
There were very few times I liked the same anime that Yas Forums does.
A lot of the time some of my favorite shows only had threads on the day they aired.
When I start a thread from anime in my backlog, I might get 1-2 responses and then it would die.

>Talks about forced drama
>Is a VEGfag
Oh the irony

Not him, but he's right and you may have a brain haemorrhage.

what is "time flop" even supposed to mean

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A show that sold well but became completely forgotten later.

Yes, it's not forced drama when it's already a drama.

But we've had more Yorimoi threads than Vegthreds recently

Nice samefagging, retarded.

Literally all Yorimoi threads get derailed into VEG threads.

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Butthurt CR shill detected.

Are VEGetables still seething that Yorimoi blew it out of the water?

Outside of Yas Forums I still see quite a few people talk about Yorimoi.

Meaningless buzzword.
By flopping in time?

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This girl.

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You're braindead.

And they were both blown out of the water by male idol fujoshit.