Does your waifu like hockey?

Does your waifu like hockey?

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My waifu is Bulju. pls go /hoc/ and stay go

Hockey wives dont look like that.

Ay, my hometeam.

yo adrian

Worst girls, worst team. God damn philly retards.

Are those girls bullies?

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Get that trash out of here.

>tfw rags fan



Go Ducks!

I don't have an edit of any girl wearing a jersey of /monéquipe/

no she would be more baseball ideally

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>tfw deleted my folder of anime girls in hockey jerseys

But why?

Based but I will never un ironically say anything nice about gritty.

unf, imagine the smell of those feet

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I wasn't really posting them anymore and never thought I'd need them for anything.

You could have at least posted Dave Shultz if you were going to talk about the Bullies.

Edits or pics?

not many of them are known to exist

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How big was it?

She sure as shit doesn't like fucking Flithadelphia.

Couple of hundred I guess. Had one for every team at least, aside from Vegas.

I don't even think ice hockey is that popular in Japan so I doubt she'd even know it. I think the only sports she's been shown to play on-screen are tennis and basketball.

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Post Canadian jerseys on anime girls.


>Likes a sport with no blacks
Keep her forever

>yfw da laffs win da Stanley owl

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thank fuck

fucking delusional

the current core isn't going to even sniff conference finals and you know it

Anyone got any cute animu girls in a Hurricanes jersey ;_;

oops i misread as never win

fuck the laffs

>be a big ole black cocks fan

There is a general lack of anime + pro sport fan art.
Big opportunity for someone.

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there has been only 1 Japanese NHL player in history, their interests is minimal, which makes the prospects for a hockey anime pretty distant, it's a shame since the sport can make for some anime tier moments

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thats my fetish!

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