What happened to Kenichi Sonoda?

His work was very influential in the 80s and 90s with Gun smith cats, Riding bean, Bubblegum Crisis and inspired other shows. He really perfected the big hair character design and wrote interesting characters but literally vanished after GSC, why did his work not become more popular?

Really liked the style especially the dystopian aesthetic of BC

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He's working on a new Riding Bean movie. He showed if off last year at ACEN.

After his father died he quit the industry to succeed the family business. Just made this up by the way but it's probably true.

He runs a candy shop. Not making this up.

It's a brewery too, he was giving out bags from it last year when he was signing stuff at ACEN. They ran out of bags right before he signed my poster for the new Riding Bean movie poster. He designed the big with his character design and it looked cute.

wasted talent

Might bring in more money compared to manga

It's his family's shop that goes back like generations, he had to take it over as the oldest son

>He runs a candy shop.
Not just any candy shop:
a family business that has been around since 1582
>In 2018, he made a new product, a first after 115 years
>and designing it w/ his artwork

and making cute anime girl mascots along the way

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Exaxxion anime when

Fucking based.

Good for him.

And it's not like he can't make any more illustrations and stuff. He just can't do it full time.

He had his moment in the spotlight and then faded and his later stuff wasn't as popular. That's pretty normal.

Hopefully never, god that manga was shit. It might be fun to shitpost about MC's triggerhappy grandpa if it got an anime but that'd be about it.

His ancestor's original store in Kumamoto can be the new spot for anime pilgrimage.

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What an absolutely retarded thing to say.

>sugar-laden fruit skins
Ahh yes, """Jap-style""" candies

I will never not regret not going to this convention when I had the chance.

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If you live near Chicago he been going to ACEN for the last few years.

Has anyone seen Shirow Masamune since the Kobe quake?

>Johji Manabe
At least he is still making new series. The latest non-hentai one is Cleapatra in WWII.

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How is Leiji Matsumoto?
Is he OK?

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Probably hits up the local rental ranges too, given his preferences.

Last I heard he was having fun making boats.
He collapsed with some respiratory issues in Italy last year, but seems to be doing much better.
This was of course, well before Corona came on the scene.

the dude went from making some of the most compelling anime of its generation to selling FUCKING SWEETS ...

That is literally the definition of wasted talent

Because he's one of those one-hit wonders who faded away into obscurity after his audiences moved on from his works.

It is a 4 centuries old sweets making business we are talking about. He also uses his art to sell his products.

Definitely not wasted talent.

Didn't he end up completely fucking up gunsmith cats somehow?

Plenty of European candies were candied citrus fruit skins and all candy is sugar laden. What the fuck are you implying retard?

Probably Amerifat and thinks chocolates are candy.

Every fucking time, kill yourself faggot.

>back generations.

493 years in fact.

>115 years with no new products

Must be some fucking good candy then.